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Fred Lives in San Francisco upper Mission area near Daly City.

My Bear Code is: B3 V D E F- Q+ K R+ S+ W+

My Hankie Code Is: Medium Blue Right pocket, Air force Blue Right Pocket, LT Blue Right or Left Pocket, Olive Drab Right Pocket, Red/Black Strip Left or Right Pocket.

You Must Be 18 year old and have a Adult Check Membership.

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If you like place a Personal Add on My Site Please send the Following Information, About you, E-mail Address, City, State, What Kind of Bear or Cub your looking for, Turn On's Turn Off's, Bear Code and or Hankie Code and I Picture you like have posted it will be posted within 24 hours

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Where I volunteer we need your support

Pets Are Wonderful Support Needs Volunteers For The Following Events

1.Folsom Street Fair Sept, 28th 11:00am - 6:00pm

2.Castro Street Fair Oct, 5th 11:00am - 5:00pm 2003

3.Tenderloin Community Health Fair Oct, 9th 11:00am - 3:00pm Childern's Playground 570 Ellis St

For More Information please call Jason Nery (415) 241-1473

About Me!

I'm a 42 year old single bear, I have a trimmed beard it's white and gray. I'm 220lbs blue eyes 5ft 11 inches tall, Short Brown Hair "Buzz Cut". I was Born Sept 24th in Western Massachusetts. I attended college in Springfield Massachusetts at WNEC, Western New England College I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Law Enforcement. After Graduation I join the US Air Force I served 8 years as a Environmental Health Inspector, I do miss the Military a lot I had some great times serving my country. I'm Sucker for a MAN in a Uniform WOOF. After being Discharged From the Air Force I went to work for the State of Massachusetts Department of Justice Investigations and Enforcement Branch. Then 10 years ago I moved to San Francisco and Began working for the State of California Department of Justice. I'm now disabled and spend most of my free time volunteering at PAWS, Pets Are Wonderful Support, I'm the Office Manager Intern there. I have been there for a year now and the Staff there are so supportive and I have learned a lot volunteering there I even like the Bulk Mailings from hell. I love all the staff members there, But I have to say Victoria is my buddy.

I am looking for: An honest, open, caring and loving individual with somewhat mutual interests. Someone who can get this bear to come out of hibernation and experience life as it should be! Experimentation in the sac is a plus! But most of all, someone who wants to share their life and everything that they have to offer and receive everything that I have to give!

Things that turn me ON: Honesty, experimentation, hairy men, extremely long long sessions, very gentle nipple play, and multiple ..... well you know!

Things that turn me OFF: Pretentious faggot's, men who are not masculine, liars and game players!


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