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What's Sailor Moon???

Sailor Moon was originally a comic book made by Naoko Takeuchi. Over the years, it developed into both a comic book series and a Japanese television show. Sailor Moon has been translated into many languages and is now loved by fans throughout the world. Although it was originally geared towards girls ages 9-12, the crowd of fans has grown to encompass both males and females of many ages.

Last Update:06-13-05
I just got a "SM Question" a few days ago...I am completely floored by the fact that people still visit my site. I started on it over 4 yers seems like a past life or something (SCORE! possible senshi reference!) haha! Anyway...I was just lookin around the site, things still look pretty decent...except for the fanart...*shudders* ^_^ () YIKES! is all I have to say...I need to update that page, my old artwork is just plain scary! Anyway, keep visiting you guys! I haven't watched the anime in a few months; my sister and I actually busted out some old VHS tapes back in April or so 'cause we hadn't watched it in so long! It was funny, the other day she was listing her favorite anime/manga series, and went on to talk about BG Crisis, and Eva and RahXephon (all faves of mine too) and then I was like, "What about Sailor Moon?" There was a pause, and then she proceeded to explain, "Nicole, that's not even on the same's its own category." I agree; no matter how old I get (I'm acutally turning 20 in 8 days, I'm gonna need a walker pretty soon... LOL!), Sailor Moon will always ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart.

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