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Tiger Sharks History! Tallahassee Tiger Sharks

Hockey Stick -- Don't get CHECKED!

The Pre-Tallahassee Years
     A Brief History of the East Coast Hockey League

The First Four Seasons
     Kyle Shultz: The Voice of the Tallahassee Tiger Sharks
     Former Tiger Shark Dies in Car Crash
     The Rise and Fall of Tony Mancuso
         (02/1997) Charlie Muenger resigns, Penguin Traded
         (02/1997) Tallahassee Gets a Sports Complex
         (10/1997) Richards Leaves Tallahassee
         (10/1997) Front Office Staff, Team Roster
         (11/09/97) Sharks Stung at Home, Again!
         (11/21/97) No joke, T-Sharks win in shootout
         (12/01/1997) Rumors Fly Concerning Tiger Sharks Future

Season Five: The Jeff Brubaker Era
         1998-99 Schedule
         (10/12/98) Geldart among players released by the Tiger Sharks
         (04/14/99) ECHL targets Sharks for violations
         (04/15/99) Source: Clarke told ECHL about T-Sharks
         (04/21/99) Tiger Sharks owner targeted
         (04/23/99) Hefty fine hangs in balance at hearing
         (05/01/99) ECHL making T-Sharks play the waiting game
         (05/09/99) ECHL Players Now Have Upper Hand
         (05/22/99) ECHL fines Tiger Sharks
         (05/23/99) A Fine is Fine, but the Offense is Off the Mark
         (05/27/99) Team Turmoil Strikes Again

Season Six: The Return of Terry Christensen
         Kish Clearly Runs the Show in Tallahassee
         Reirden makes it to the NHL

Season Seven: Michel Cadrin and the demise of the Tallahassee Tiger Sharks
         (06/14/01) For the record, T-Sharks are gone
         (06/23/01) Community should have treasured Tiger Sharks

Macon Whoopee:
     (01/20/02) Macon might lose Whoopee
     (01/22/02) Stewart: Whoopee's Future is Up in the Air
     (02/06/02) Higgins Resigns as Whoopee GM; Roberts to Run Club
     (02/06/02) Whoopee's Future Studied by Franchise Owners
     (02/07/02) Higgins Reflects on Time with Whoopee
     (02/11/02) Once (Again) Upon a Whoopee
     (04/03/02) Uncertain Future Clouds Whoopee's Offseason
     (04/03/02) Whoopee end season on mixed note
     (04/13/02) Goaltender Allen becomes first ex-Whoopee player to reach NHL
     (05/20/02) Gades set to hire Dineen
     (05/22/02) Report: Dineen to become Richmond's new coach
     (05/26/02) Uncertain future hurts Whoopee
     (05/26/02) Nobody at home
     (05/26/02) You don't come up empty in search for reasons
     (05/30/02) Ex-Starcadia worker faces theft charges
     (06/05/02) Lone Whoopee front office employee quits
     (06/19/02) Macon Officially Done
     (06/21/02) Official: Lexington may get Whoopee
     (06/21/02) Rupp lands new hockey team
     (06/27/02) Source: Whoopee franchise likely on move

     (06/29/02) Hockey gives city cold shoulder
     (06/29/02) Whoopee will leave Macon
     (06/30/02) ACHL provides a slim hope for hockey in city

Lexington, Kentucky
     (06/28/02) ECHL Concludes Annual Board of Governors Meeting
     (06/28/02) The East Coast Hockey League's newest city....Lexington, Kentucky!
     (06/29/02) Hockey returns to Rupp Arena
     (06/30/02) Sold on hockey? Not Lexington

Hockey Stick -- Don't get CHECKED!

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