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The History of Frenzy!
The First Frenzy
Tallahassee Tiger Sharks

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Shoots:Left FinFrenzy
DOB:July 4, 1976
Weight:200 lbs
Resides:Gulf of Mexico
Favorite food:Checkers Chum, Fried IceGator Tail, Lizard King Liver and Onions, Riverfrog Legs, Renegade Roast Beef, and Stingray Surprise
Favorite Movies:Splash, Waterworld
Favorite Pastime:Enjoys listening to music, surfing, water polo and hangin' out with the boys.
Status:Single, but on the prowl!

Lurking in the deep, crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico is one of the most feared creatures of the sea...the Tiger Shark. Known as a brutal and indiscriminate killer, this beast strikes fear in the hearts of those who dare get to close. However, from the shallow waters off the coast of Apalachicola, has emerged a different breed of Tiger Shark. One not quite as ferocious and not quite as feared, one that has claimed the ice as its new territory. This strange shark is known as Frenzy to his buddies because of his determination to follow his dreams and enthusiasm for new adventures. One day he decided he'd had enough of the slow, languid waters of the Gulf, and wanted to pursue excitement and challenges. After packing his suitcase, Frenzy headed to Hollywood in search of that elusive fame and fortune.

Many months passed and Frenzy was still unemployed. The movie directors all passed him over because of his easy-going temperament; hardly the attitude needed for the popular killer shark movies. Finally, one small producer noticed the drive and persistence with which Frenzy pursued his acting dream and gave him his start in show business with a bit role in Jaws III. However, it wasn't until he landed the role as the arch rival of Peter the Masked Penguin Crusader in the dramatic polar exhibit at Sea World in Orlando, Florida, that he developed a love for the ice. When told of the new opening for a mascot of Tallahassee's new hockey team, Frenzy jumped at the opportunity to remain not only on his beloved ice, but also use his powerful tail and fins to try his luck hockey. When asked what he thought the most difficult part of hockey was for him, Frenzy replied, "Finding skates to fin my size 14 fins."

Frenzy had gained a great deal of fame and notoriety as the mascot for the Tallahassee Tiger Sharks Hockey Team of the East Coast Hockey League. He has been spotted lurking among the parade-goers of the Springtime Tallahassee Parade and at many elementary schools in the area. Children no longer fear this beast and happily seek his autographs and puck handling advice.

At 6'0", 200 pounds, Frenzy is a formidable sight on the ice during the pre-game show and the intermissions. While he is gentle and playful with children, Frenzy has no tolerance for the opposing hockey teams. It has been said by the other teams that the sight of his snarling face on the ice makes their blood run cold. He defends the "Shark Tank", as the Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center has become known, tooth and fin as enemy legions try to invade his waters. Many try, but few succeed.

Hockey Stick -- Don't get CHECKED!

Frenzy at opening night

Frenzy in alley Big Guy
At the end of the fourth season, Frenzy was kidnapped under mysterous circumstances. The last reported sighting had him being hustled into a long dark limousine by some suspcious characters that looked to be in a league with Alfonse, the Louisiana Ice Gator's Mascot. A seach was conducted over the summer, but the clues only lead to dead ends.

By the end of the summer, and with no hope on the horizon, a search was conducted for a new "Frenzy" to take over the Tiger Sharks' mascot duties.

Letters From Frenzy

November 1996
December 1997

Hockey Stick -- Don't get CHECKED!

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