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Wolfie's Vicious Fishes
A history of Tiger Sharks pro-hockey
In Tallahasee, Florida

Est. 1996

Tallahassee Tiger Sharks

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Tiger Shark (ti'ger shark) n. pl -sharks, 1. Usually large (11', 850 lbs), marine, salachian fish with a tough, spiney, slate gray and black striped skin, separate lateral gill openings and a slender, rounded body with the mouth on the underside. 2. A hockey team in the Leon County area, recently extinct. 3. Any fans of said extinct hockey team. 4. The most ravenous eaters of all East Coast Hockey League teams.

Feeding Habits Kingfish, IceGators, Ice Pilots, Everblades, Sea Wolves, Matadors, Bulls, Grrrowl, Pride, Stingrays, Mysticks, Lizard Kings and Brass. Has been known to eat everything from lobsters, sea turtles and squids to boat cushions, bicycle parts and raincoats when normal fair is not available or not in season.

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1996-97 South Division Champions!

The Brickwall

Congratulations go out to the following Tiger Shark Alumni:

2004 AHL Calder Cup Champion Milwaukee Admirals: Kyle Schultz
2004 CHL Ray Miron Club Champion Laredo Bucks: Brent Cullaton
2003 & 2002 CHL President Cup Champion Memphis Riverkings: Mark Richards (pictured above) and Donny Parsons (CHL Playoff MVP)
2002 ECHL Kelly Cup Champion Greenville Grrrowl: Simon Tremblay
2002 WCHL Taylor Cup Champion Freson Falcons: Kirk DeWaele
2002 WCHL Founders Cup (regular season) Champion Idaho Steelheads: Matt Oates, Adam Copeland, Dan Shermerhorn, Derek Pagent, Cal Ingraham, and Blair Allison
2002 QSL la Coupe Futura Champions Laval Chiefs: David Dartsch and Louis Bedard

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The Tallahassee Tiger Sharks have been, and still remain, my most beloved hockey team. I can't really explain it.

I've followed hockey teams before, and I've followed hockey teams since, but there will never, EVER, be another hockey team to replace my love for my Tigersharks! This site is dedicated to the memory of the Tallahassee Tiger Sharks. The BEST thing that ever happened to Florida's Capital City!

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It it with extreme and profound sadness that I must report the passing of the Voice of the Tiger Sharks, Kyle Schultz. Kyle died at the age of 41 in a car accident. Please visit the Kyle Schultz page for additional information and related articles.

No one will ever be able to replace Kyle in the hearts of Tiger Sharks fans. He was a one of a kind guy, one of the people who really made this team special.

Kyle, you will be greatly missed!


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It is with profound sadness that I report the passing of Melissa Yestrumsky, Tiger Sharks fan, Shark Net enforcer, Leon County Civic Center lighting technician, zamboni driver and later, one of the voices of the our arch-enemy, Louisianna Ice Gators.

Melissa will best be remember by me as a fiesty young lady who was not afraid to lace 'em up and play with the big boys, not even after Brent Cullaton planted a slapshot on her thigh that left a nice puck shaped bruise for several weeks thereafter.

Melissa learned to drive from Eddie Gay, the Tiger Sharks Zam man, who in turned learned to drive from Mary, who was the Zamboni driver for the Florida Panthers.

She had long battled cancer and hospice had been called in recently, so it was only a matter of time, but it is always a shame to see such have a vibrant person as Melissa have her life cut short.

The Lafayette Advisor ran a nice article on her Saturday which can be found here.

I called Tim Sleppy in Miami today to let him know of her passing. He was saddend by the news, but was glad to know whe was no longer in pain. Much like me, he has no doubt that she has already made her way to spiritual hockey rink of everafter, and is likely giving Georges Vezina fits.

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