'Concept' Sketches

These pictures are scanned from a book called 'Disney's Treasury of Children's Classics'. They could possibly be found in 'The Art of The Lion King', however I do not know as I (depressingly) don't own the book. They kinda look like concept sketches (hence the name of the page) and decided to fill out my Pictures section with this little lot...
Click on the thumbnail, or the pic description to see a larger image.

Mufasa shows Simba the pridelands
"This is it, we made it."
Banzai, Shenzi and Ed get a pummeling!
"Long live the king!"
Can you feel the love tonight?
He lives in you...
Father? Thanks heaps Jicin for this pic from the TLK laser disk :) *hugs*
Simba looks rather annoyed!
Fight for the throne

If i ever get The Art of The Lion King book, I may put more pics up... but until I can get my paws on the ever elusive book (it is out of print :( ), this'll have to do!
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