My Merchandise

These are some rather old photos of my merchandise collection... It has now increased by quite a bit! I shall place a list of all my merch up soon, so I can bore you some more ;)

My Plush TLK Collection!

...and The Rest of it!

This is a few of my bigger plushies, mostly a collection of Simba's! (oh, and a Pumbaa ;))

These are from the Disney Store - Little beanie (Kiara, Kovu and Pumbaa!) kinda things with magnets in their feet and belly.

My SP macdonalds collection, plus a beanie Kovu (far right), beanie Scar (top left), beanie simba keychain (far left, below Scar), a Timon badge, a lion head I made out of clay, and a "rogue" Jaguar thing from tarzan, lol.

A few Misc. items here that live on my top shelf; Kovu wash mit, 200 SP stickers from the Disney Store, a simba toothbrush, a simba drinking cup, and a Timon pen torch.

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