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This Year we raced a wonderful colt by the name of RDM It Wasn't me (AKA Half-Pint)
He ran his heart out for us for the past 2 years, We have had a lot of fun with him.

RDM It Wasn't Me
2007 Cassia County Fair


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One day as Rex was helping a friend feed a little brown colt walked out of the trees, he wasn't much to look at, this small little appy and hadn't had a lot done with him. Rex decided that he had something, it was the way he looked at him so he made arrangements to buy him and took him up to the race stables.

Denny Talbot agreed to train him as we were in the process of moving to Wyoming. He showed a lot of heart as a 2 year old, lighting the board many times that year.

We brought him home to Wyoming and ran him on the Chariot that winter then took him back to Idaho to Denny. He showed his heart, very seldom running against other Appy's but keeping up with the Quarter horses and earning his ROM with a speed index of 86. Then At The Cassia County Fair He showed up all of the Quarters by beating them all.

He is now home with us in Farson, Wyoming and will soon go into training for his next career, Breanna's Barrel Horse



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