Welcome to the The Ogre's Mech Depot!  This is my new site, dedicated to miniatures for the Classic Battletech game system.  I have been painting minis for almost 22 years now, and have recently gotten back into doing minis for CBT.  Most of the minis shown here were just ones I wanted to do, but some are commissions from folks I either sold peices to, or who contacted me about doing specific jobs.  I'm a member of Camospecs online, as well, under the artist name "ogre"...my old high-school nickname.  So, look around and enjoy!  Contact me if you have any questions; the site is still a work in progress, but hopefully I can get it fully updated soon. 

-Mike "Ogre" Raper
Recent Additions
Yet another of my own designs for my pet unit.  The Reaver carries an array of pulse lasers, a gauss rifle, and a TSM-backed hatchet. 
Grimm's Reapers Reaver
The Bounty Hunter uses a bright green paint scheme, with C-bill markings serving as combination kill markers and insignia.  This mini is a custom job, not one of the many canon 'mechs he uses.
The Bounty Hunter
The Light Horse use a simple olive drab scheme with no other highlights.  This mini is a non-canon anti-air 'mech, armed with a pair of HAG-30's, four ER medium lasers, and an anti-air targeting and tracking system.
Eridana Light Horse Gepard
Another in my own personal collection, the Brute is a modified mini and includes a variety of nasty weapons, including a buzz saw.
Grimm's Reapers Brute
Wizkids LLC has sole ownership of all the names, artwork, logos, and any other proprietary information displayed on this site in connection with Classic Battletech.  Wizkids has granted permission to the Ogre to use these names, artwork and logos for promotional and informational purposes on his website but is not affiliated with the Ogre and does not endorse any of his views, mostly because he's unpleasant...particularly before his morning coffee.
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