Movie props

There are surprisingly few props and replicas available for this movie. The most recognized prop, (the ring) is available from a company in Australia called "Minx", unfortunately the cost is rather high, about $280.00 dollars for the cheapest one. If you want one in gold, the price goes up even more. Also, their web site seems to be "down" quite often, which makes me wonder about the reliability of this company. Extremely overpriced and suspiciously absent?

As there appears to be no normally priced alternative, I've decided to post very detailed pictures of it here. Hopefully someone (maybe in Hong Kong or something) will be able to produce a reasonable replica for under $45.00 dollars or so, which is actually the average rate for a silver ring of this type, and people WILL buy them.

If you look on the internet, particularly on eBay, you can get a similarly valued "Lord of the Rings" ring, in Gold for around $45.00, dollars and you can get a noticeably cheaper Chinese version for around $5.00.

The Shirt

The shirt is another story. Not even sure how one would replicate something like it, without having to air brush the design by hand. I bought a relatively similar design off the rack, (floral print on dark blue) Hawaiian shirt for about $20.00 dollars. It's close, but just not the same as the one Leo DeCaprio wears in the movie.

If some garment manufacturer were to tool up a run of these puppies, people would definitely buy them.

The Pistols

As for the guns, those are easy to make. Just buy a toy pistol from any department store, spray paint it gun metal gray or silver, and stick the religious images on it. If you are really good with a pen-air-brush, you could even paint it yourself. Basically what I did was lay out the graphics with Photoshop, and printed it on regular full sheet mailing labels, then cut them out with scissors, and stuck them on the gun. Not sure what to do with it except put it on a shelf for display.

Some of the other movie props I have seen around on the internet for anywhere from about $100 to $700 dollars and include the ambulance license plates, and director chair canvas backs with some of the actor's names on them.

Will keep you advised as more is discovered.

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