Ahoy, Me Matey! Welcome to Pyphracket's Treasure Chest of Maps. I hope you'll enjoy what we have here. What do we have here? Why HOMM maps of course! HOMM (Heroes of Might and Magic) is a great game where you explore mysterious lands and battle exciting creatures. It's tons of fun and you should check it out! It's played on maps that come with the game or that can be made using the map editor. Here are some maps that I've made for HOMM. I now only have my HOMM IV maps as I lost all my HOMM III maps unfortunately. But you can feel free to check out what I have - I try to make only the best quality - and if you want you can e-mail me one of your own maps and I'll stick it up here too. Don't forget to check out my HOMM rings in the Links Section as that's probably one of the ways you found my site and there are many more great HOMM sites like mine! So, look around and enjoy your stay!

Map Trends
What part of HOMM do you like best?
The Quests from Quest Huts!
Battling Creatures
Exploring a beautiful map
Finding Hidden Areas with lots of Treasure
Building up Cities
Using Heroes in Battles, Moving, etc.
Using Creatures in Battles, Moving, etc.
Getting Creatures from outside Creature Dwellings
Sailing Ships
Solving a Puzzle on the map
Trying to defeat one HUGE Hero
Using Artifacts
Using Might
Using Magic

Current Results
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