Episode 001 - The Storm Renewed, Part I

In the year 2029, twenty years after the last great Decepticon war, the battle begins anew when the Decepticons launch a renewed attack on a human space station at the edge of the galaxy.

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  • Episode 002 - The Storm Renewed, Part II

    With the destruction of the Devoron space station and the threat of a Decepticon invasion of Earth, Colonel Marissa Faireborne has to do what she vowed never to do again: contact the Autobots for help.

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  • Episode 003 - The Face of Darkness

    Hot Rod, Kup, and Lt. Reese set off to rescue the captured doctor Sandra Pilar from the evil Quintessons.

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  • Episode 004 - Setting the Stage

    Sixshot plans a new offensive against humanity, Galvatron reveals his ultimate plan, and the Autobots return to Cybertron to meet an old friend.

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  • Episode 005 - Fear and Fortitude

    As humanity plans to withdraw once again from the new Decepticon attack, Optimus Prime and the Autobots attempt to make one last stand.

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  • Episode 006 - The Human Factor

    Lt. Reese and Dr. Pilar come to terms with their situation on Cybertron, while General Hammerstein takes command of the EDC on Earth.

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