Preciouspet made some difficult decisions this year to downsize. Currently we have Only Sundae, Venus and 2 kittens that we have kept from our Funny Girl.
Funny Girl is now spayed and is available for adotion.We are searching for our next "Lucky Boy" to take over the duties of Fatherhood.!If you are a breeder and think you may be interested in joining our family please do email me.!
Cedar Swamps Funny Girl of Preciouspet
birthday: May 06,2001
Sire: Cedar Swamps Waverly  &  Dam: EZ2LUV Starlet of Cedar Swamp
Cedar Swamps Sundae of Preciouspet
birthday: July 9, 2004
Sire: GC CedarSwamps Kimba  x  Dam: Cedarswamp Tatum
Preciouspet Venus Evening Star
birthday: May15,2006
Sire: CH CedarSwamps Sir Birch of Preciouspet
       x  Dam:  D'Argents Shimmer Little Star
Preciouspet Shelby Lea Heart
birthday: November 12, 2005
Shelby was our little Super Star in 2006 !She appeared with her sister Holly Noelle in print ads for Purina Cat Food seen in  National Geographic,Readers Digest and Canadian Living !
Sire: CH CedarSwamp Sir Birch  x  Dam: Preciouspet Karma Lea
Shelby has now been adopted and is living happily in Toronto with her friend Chevy. Thank you Lydia and Carmen for taking my sweet girl. Shelby was the very last of my old Dearheart lines and I will miss her so very much !!
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