Preciouspet Kittens come with three sets of vaccines completed including their Rabies tag, Vet Certificate, Written Genetic Health Guarantee, Pedigree papers & CCA/CFA Registrations.All kittens are PKD negative, parents are tested by DNA.We are a CFA Approved Cattery of Excellence.                                       We are Cageless
                Our motto is " Health & Happiness Guaranteed !"
Poppy-age 2 wks
Preciouspet Specializes in Shaded Silver Persians. These are the most gorgeous of all Persians! Silvers go through a true metamorphisis, starting off like a dark grey or black kitten and changing over a two year growth span into a Beautiful Shaded Silver adult. The photos above and below are all of the same kitten. Poppy from 2 wks up to 2 yrs of age.Silvers begin with amazing blue eyes which when mature will be a Stunning Lime Green with a Black eyeliner we refer to as a Mascara marking.
{Poppy - 2 wks old}
{Poppy-6 wks old}
Baby Mickey
As breeders we often have stories to tell both sad & happy. The little boy here is Preciouspet Mickey. He was my greatest success story of 2007. Mickey was a single kitten who had to be bottle fed for five weeks .....I became so attached to this remarkable little man...He is now living happily in Ottawa with his Daddy Trevor.  To see photos  of Mickey and read more about his incredible journey visti>
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We have enjoyed our time here in Blind River the last five years.
           is RELOCATING
Preciouspet began over 15 years ago in Thunder Bay. We have been in Blind River for the last five years but have decided we just miss family and friends toooo much !

We bought a great place with 2 acres on Thunder Lake in DRYDEN Ontario.  We are in the process of renovating and will not be having kittens until summer 2009.

Our move to Dryden is scheduled for October 15th.
After that date we will have a NEW PHONE NUMBER & NEW EMAIL ADDRESS !!!

For all our friends and cat owners who are staying in touch we hope we will continue to get updates and we will still be available to answer any of your questions..

Conact;: Caroline or Roy   807-938-0071

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