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Mickey Swan
Mickey was born on May 29th 2007. He was an ONLY child. It is unusual for a cat to have only one kitten but this does happen on occasion. It is very difficult as the baby has no silblings to sleep or keep him warm. Shelby was a loving Mom, but her milk did not come in and we had to bottle feed Mickey every 3 hours for the next five weeks.
Mickey was raised in our Pet Stroller, much like a baby carriage. You can imagine that with only one baby, every time his Mom left  he was just all alone out in the open with no one to keep him warm. We kept a heating pad and a toy mouse in with him for company. His Mommy Shelby came and kept him warm and cuddled and cleaned him many times a day, but for the most part it was just Mickey and his Toy Mouse. The mouse is under the  <carriage in this pictute.
Mickey at 10 days is so tiny beside his toy mouse......
One month later & Mickey is now bigger than his buddy mouse.!!
Mickey - 3 wks
Mickey - 5 wks
Mickey - 6 wks
Mickey is a Very special little boy who does not truly know that he is a kitten.! If you think you can provide Mickey his special home please email me and provide details about Why you should adopt my Mickey.
Four new babies born on July 2nd. Check back in the next week and I will post a  Link to view the new babies photos.!
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