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"I'd love to stay and play house Rafe, but I just have to go check the spoilers!  You know it's an addiction."
~Joshua pushes Stephen to consider murder.
~Stephen makes a goodwill offer to Alison.......What affect does this have on their relationship?
~Rafe challenges Stephen.
~Livvie makes a stunning decision.
~12/06 Livvie tries to find love with Stephen, he finds her difficult to resist...
~Joshua and Stephen let a select few in on their plans for Port Charles. 

~Livvie decides to compete for Stephen's affections!

~Stephen's manipulations keep Alison under his spell.

~Rafe and Alison get a message from up above.

~Stephen kills Jamal! Rafe and Alison work to revive him.

~Rafe also comes close to losing his life.
~Alison and Rafe plan a Christmas wedding, but will "Stephen Clay" come between them?
~Alison is mesmerized by Stephen Clay
~Alison and Rafe try to bring Jamal back
~Port Charles is on the brink of disaster - will Rafe survive?
~The truth about The Stephen Clay Experience is made public.
~Will Rafe's upcoming wedding to Alison go off without a hitch?
~A shocking turn of events could jeopardize the couple's happy day.
~Stephen is being watched.
~Rafe decides to corner Stephen.
Double Dose of Suds with 1-Hour 'Charles' (Sure hope that I don't have to work on this day!)

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - ABC is stealing a page out of the primetime playbook in a bid to boost the fortunes of "Port Charles," the network's youngest soap.

In a one-time-only move set for Monday, Dec. 30, the half-hour "Port Charles" will expand to an hour and air in the 2 p.m. ET timeslot normally occupied by "One Life to Live." the hourlong episode will actually mark the start of a new 12-week arc of episodes of "Port Charles," which two years ago switched to a close-ended storytelling style patterned on Latin American telenovelas.

In addition to doubling the show's length, the producers also plan to beef up the Dec. 30 "Port Charles" with added special effects and other production elements.

Another episode of "Port Charles" will air earlier that day in the show's usual 12:30 p.m. slot. That episode will be the finale of another arc -- dubbed "Naked Eyes" -- which begins later this month.

Newly tapped ABC Daytime president Brian Frons, who quit European TV conglomerate SBS last month, said it's common for Latin American and European broadcasters to use stunts whenever launching a new telenovela. He figured such a strategy could also work for "Port Charles."

Indeed, with "All My Children" airing right before the special "Port Charles," the latter soap will be exposed to a whole new audience.

"This gives them (a lead-in rating about) 250% higher than normal," Frons said.

While the switch to a telenovela format and a new production schedule have made "Port Charles" more cost effective for ABC, the soap still lags the network's other daytime dramas.

"This show has great writing, a gorgeous cast and the best (audience) research it's ever had," Frons said. "The trick is getting ABC viewers to find 'Port Charles' and start their soap-opera viewing a half-hour earlier."
Updated: 11-25-02
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