Chapter 2
Ian fumbled with his keys trying to open the door to his apartment, all that was on his mind was his son's safety. He was hoping that Rafe had made a mistake and Alison was in there right now with Danny sound asleep in his crib. As Ian finally got the door opened he didn't even bother to close it instead he ran around the place looking for any sign of them.

"Alison!! Danny!!" Ian screamed as he ran from room to room.

"Ian they're not here." There standing in the doorway was Rafe.

"Rafe, where are they? Where's my son?" Ian grabbed Rafe by the shirt in his frustration, "Why, oh god, why did this happen?" Ian released Rafe, "Rafe, I can't lose him too. I'll do anything to get my son back. Just to make sure his safe in my arms again."

"I know, we'll get them both back. I promise you, we'll get them back safe and sound."

"Ok, ok. So what do we do first?"

"Well, I don't think he hurt them yet. He's going to use them."

"Use them? What do you mean?"

"Well, I think he's trying to get our attention."

"He's got mine!" Ian had a look of total anger on his face.

"Ian, I have to call him out."

"What like finding out what he wants for ransom?"

"Something like that," Rafe started to turn around and walk out the door.

Ian stopped Rafe by grabbing his shoulder, "Rafe, I'm going with you."

Rafe turned around to look Ian in the eyes, "Not this time, Ian. I can't risk it, for their sake." Ian released Rafe and nodded in agreement. With that, Rafe walked out the door in search of answers.


"I know you can hear me!" Rafe screamed, "Come out and show yourself."

"We meet again, Slayer!"

Rafe turned around to look at the dark creature that stood behind him, "Where are they? I know you took them." Rafe screamed at the top of his lungs, "WHERE ARE THEY!!!!!"

"They're safe.....for now!"

Calming himself down with a few deep breathes, "Ok, what do you want?"

"I want you and the doctor to back off, only then will you see your loved ones again," said the shrouded figure. "Now, leave or I'll be forced to do something you really don't want to happen."

"Fine," Even though Rafe wanted to destroy the monster there and then, he needed to find Alison and Danny first, he turned around and walked away.

Rafe pulled out his phone to tell Ian what transpired just moments ago, "Ian, he's using them as protection. We have to back off or he'll......" Rafe trailed off with the thought off what might happen.

On the other end Ian was more then worried, he was confused, "Rafe, what? Back off? And what let that monster destroy my life and everyone else in Port Charles?"

Coming back to the conversation, "Ian, don't worry, I have an idea. Try to get some sleep, you'll need it. Meet me at my apartment tomorrow morning, bright and early."


Rafe paced back and forth in his bedroom. He couldn't take his own advice, "Sleep?! What was I thinking? How could I sleep when I know that Alison is in the hands of the Avatar? Then Rafe heard Livvie toss in bed. He needed to settle down and be quieter or he'd wake her up. He decided to pace in the living room so not to disrupt Livvie's sleep.

"Rafe, Honey! Come back to bed," Without opening her eyes, Livvie patted the empty pillow next to her, "I'm lonely...Please, come keep me warm."

"I can't not when I just found out............" That had Livvie jumping out of bed hoping to god he didn't find out the truth.

"Rafe," Grabbing Rafe hands and holding them tight almost as if she was afraid if she let go he would never come back, "Honey, Whatever it is," Wrapping Rafe arms around her so she could hold him, "we'll handle it together." Livvie tried her hardest to seduce Rafe into forgetting whatever it was he just found out.

"No!" Rafe pulled away from Livvie, "Livvie, It's the Avatar!! He kidnapped Daniel and Alison tonight."

Livvie's mouth dropped. What was he trying to do to her? He was going to ruin everything.
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