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12/30 (5:11pm)  Well, today I have some good news and some bad news.  The good news first...Chapter 23 of my fanfic is up.  I hope you like this chapter it will be the last one for awhile (More chapters WILL be coming) but is is the bad news...I have decided to stop doing this site.  The reason you ask...I'm a little upset that Rafe didn't just tell Alison that his father is Ed Grant and not Malcolm Barrington.  And if they were half brother and sister then why in the world would Heaven have sent Rafe back to be with Alison.  That's just stupid!! Heaven wouldn't do something like that, they would know!...No that's not the reason I've decided to shut down, but would you blame me if it was?  The real reason is timing.  I didn't know it then but I started this site at the worst time.  Life was gotten in the way of me leading my life let alone maintaining a web site.  I won't bore you with the details but that's just say I've had more bad, horrible, devastating, and down right weird things happen to me in the last 5 months than I ever thought humanly possible.  I really wanted to start a site and I had some great plans for it, but it seemed whenever I found a free minute something else would happen that made me postpone my plans.  For the first time in my life the new year is really going to be a total new start.  Hopefully I can keep my new year's resolutions and maybe if I get my life in order again I can start this site back up but first things first.  For the time being I'm not going to delete anything and my fanfic Power of Love will stay up until I finish the story.  When I get those free minutes I will add to it (So you can look for those from time to time).  Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me.  It really meant the world to me to know that you cared.  
Thank you again!
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Created on August 16, 2002 by Mandi
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