This is my horse Boo!
Isn't he gorgeous?
He is a 15hh 11yo purbred arabian gelding.
When we got him almost 5 years ago, he was young and still a little green (inexperienced) so my friend Sarah and I continued his training.
In jump training we have got him grade 3 jumps (75-85 cm) and he is doing really well.
In dressage training he is cantering 20m circles and can do turn on the forehands and side passing.
We've had a few set backs injury wise, in October 2005 I went into the paddock to find that he had been caught in some wire and had a few fairly deep lacerations just above his hoof on his far fore. We had the vet out and he was on pain killers and antibiotics for a week and yarded with bandages on his leg for about a month and a half and he came back into full work in December 2005.
We had our first competition together in November of 2003 and we didn't do to well. We were just doing the 75cm showjumping class at the local Agricultural Show and he practically refused to jump. It was quite funny now that I look back on it (I didn't think so at the time) we had the stewards chasing after us trying to get him over the jumps, I got him over them all eventually but not without alot of effort and frustration, oh well maybe next year...

There is also a picture of my old horse Pally, he and I didn't get on very well so I had to give him up. Now he is doing well with his new owner.
tinda eala (silver spirit) - my horse - Boo
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