Tiny Jade Ornaments from Yesteryear.
Text and pictures by Daffydil

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The jade featured in this webpage are mostly tiny, decorative ornaments. Although small, the artwork on these pieces are pleasing and lovingly executed. These delicate jade pieces from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)are made up of thin slices of jade, some almost paper thin, with line drawings or low relief decorations etched on the surface. The designs and motifs on them are evocative of Chinese culture and tradition. Most of the pieces have been used as hairpin attachements and headress assemblages. Some of them have served as buttons, hat decorations or box inlays etc and are revealing about adornment and ornamentation in that era.
The pieces in this collection are Not for sale, but if you love Chinese jade please enjoy them. Should you have any advice or queries feel free to post your message in my Guestbook.

Row 1 : The heron's head with its prominient beak is a symbol of longevity.
Row 2 : Butterflies
Row 3 :Flowerbasket
Row 4 : Chinese character Fu symbolic of Blessings, a favourite jade ornament among the Chinese
Row 5 :Chinese character xuang xi or Double Happiness is a popular jade ornament used for weddings
Row 6: Butterfly.
Row 7 : Deers are symbolic of rank and wealth
Row 8 : Birds
Row 9 :Faries. These jade figures are from Chinese folklore.
Row 10 : Wings. These kidney shaped pieces are normally used as wings of butterflies or other insects in brooch or hairpin assemblages.
Row 11 :Peaches symbolic of Longevity
Row 12 : Floral
Row 13 :Lions playing with balls

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