The boss, and bossy to boot. She is always the one correcting people, and won't be corrected without a debate. Of course, the other people usually back down because they've gotten tired...

Penbee has the tendency to like the strangest characters, and really follows no pattern.

She likes talking about herself in third-person. I'm not sure if Penbee has an off-switch (I wish she did...). She will bounce (literally) off the wallls, without any reason at all, much like a cat. Her idea of dancing...let's not go there...I'll just say it's some mode of aerobics mixed with jumping-jacks. Perhaps she's not getting enough oxygen to her brain.

She likes tormenting my Sam. She'll poke and prod at him, and they get into terrible fights. Luckily, we all get along...even if we don't always see eye-to-eye (must be the height difference).

Favorite Wing character:

Favorite art subjects:
Wufei, Dorothy...lately taken a liking to Quatre & Duo as well.

Tipical mediums:
standard #2 school pencil, set of drawing pencils, mechanical pencil .7 lead, Prismacolor colored pencil, Kimberly watercolor pencils, Pigma Micron pens 005 tip (and other sizes as needed) in black, Paintshop Pro 7.0

Penbee of Treewood's avatar

Chibi Boo's avatar

Chibi in statue and intelligence... just kidding! Well, she is short and cute, but not stupid...most of the time.

Boo is the fun one, and artist with a more unique, personal style than Penbee (who really attempts to replicate and not develop her own about a one-trick pony).

Excellent at developing original characters, both artistically and as a writer, Boo has the strange knack of always adoring the most popular male character of a given universe (Duo...Kenshin...Yamato Ishida). And she hardly ever likes the female characters (Sally and Noin are two rare exceptions).

She is my partner instupidity and spaziness. We share a brain. Still, without her to keep us in check, Penbee might go wild, leaving a trampled-on Sam in her wake.

Favorite Wing characters:
Duo and Quatre

Favorite art subjects:
Quatre, Sally

Tipical mediums:
mechanical pencil .7 lead, Pigma Micron pens .005 tip (and other sizes as needed) in black, Paintshop Pro 7.0

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