This will eventually be arranged by which one of us signed up for what, but until then, here are the fanlists we are members of:

Gundam Wing Related
Sam is a Heero Fan! Chibu is a Duo Fan! Penbee is a Wufei Fan! Chibu is a Quatre and Duo Fan!
Bloody Words - GW Fanfic Fanlisting
Anime Related
Impossible - Mwu La Fllaga Fanlisting Tiger of the Desert - Andy Bartfeld Fanlisting Penbee is a Jounouchi Fan!
Chibu is a Kenshin Fan! Penbee is a Sano Fan! Penbee is a Kojirou & Musashi Fan! Chibu is a Kurama Fan!
Penbee is a Beast Fan! Penbee is a C-3PO Fan! Chibu is a Bloo Fan!
Pocky Fanlisting

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