Frazer's Australiana Page
Most of the time was spent
catching up with friends,
drinking coffee and siteseeing but I did manage
to get away for a while with
Christian to "checkout"

The ride on the right
was one of the conquests we enjoyed together
(boys stuff)..

On a quieter note here I am posing (recouperating) with the Hogwarts Express from young Harry Potters movie.
"Holy Freezers" >>
Wandering down the street
minding our own business
and we found ourselves in the
middle of the action as
Batman and Robin
Mr Freeze and a very charming Catwoman
HOLIDAYS - Gold Coast (Austrlia)
Recently we enjoyed a family holiday romping on the beaches of Queensland's 
GOLD COAST. Here are some pics...
Maybe if we change the ride, we might be able to take the camera out and at least prove we were here
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