Frazer's Australiana Page
Our latest expeditions into the great outdoors took us to
NORFOLK ISLAND for two weeks. Here are the pics...
This is the main (and only) shopping area on Norfolk Island.
The good news is they haven't discovered Taxation yet
so everything is
Duty Free.
"Quality Row"
The only place to live in the early 1800s
Just a gentle stroll across the golf course to the beach
If the convicts don't get you first!!
(and of course
IF the golf course had been there in the early 1800s!!)  :)
Feral Chooks >>
(what next?)
These guys are all over the place, on the roads, in the fields .. everywhere!!
Apparently a few escaped from the early settlers and boy have they been busy!!
Now that's what I call Rustic .. An old Liter on the shore at Kingston Wharf
Coral Reef in Emily Bay from John Christian's Glass Bottom boat
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