Frazer's Australiana
This is where we live. As you can see we love it and hope you enjoy some of the sights and sounds.
This is a genuine
Tasmanian Devil.
(not the cartoon character). He's a fearsome little critter and lives in Tasmania.
That is a real crocodile!
We were just this far away in a small boat in the
Northern Territory
Crimson Rosellas
at Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Click here to hear their call
This guy (right) is a Kookaburra. He has a distinctive Laughing call. Its amazing how many times they laugh at my jokes. Often the only soul that does. : (
Click here to hear the Kookaburra's laugh.
For life like effect -
Turn the Volume up!
But please let it load before you let it "play"!)
Kangaroo grazing in a caravan park.
(NOTE the joey in the pouch!)
This is one of my favourite walking. locations.
The Blue Mountains

near Sydney
And here I am 
Bush Walking..

(Well maybe

This time I was in the

Cradle Mountain
National Park

in Tasmania
AUSTRALIA is a "little" island in the South Pacific. It is just a smidgeon smaller than mainland USA!!
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