Frazer's Australiana Page
It's time to introduce   our furry
family. We were born in Australia and so were the kids. We
KEESHONDS (Dutch "Bargedogs").
The people say "They are about the gentlest breed of dog I have ever found."
Frazer and Misty

In their own words the people say ...
"We have been lucky enough to be "owned" by a long line of Keeshonds.
First there was Genie and for a short while we had Sputnick (that's where we learned to be sure the breeder knows his stuff and the bloodlines are sound).
When I first met Genie I didn't have a space in my life for a pet but Genie had other ideas - she adopted me. There was never any doubt she had decided to make me her human!

We bought Frazer as a puppy (saw him the day after he was born) as company for Genie. He was the puppy in the litter who was always getting into trouble. The first to learn to climb, and the one who came to us to investigate. We took that as a sign. He has always been a joy and always full of life.
Nobody own Frazer.
He is everybody's!
When he was about 18 months old Genie (who taught him everything) died and we needed a companion for him, so we went out and found Misty.

Misty is stubborn as hell, self-assured, cautious, beautiful and chooses her "friends" very carefully, but when she decides to accept you she is yours for life! She was about 8 months old and had lived all of her life in the kennel where she was born - the puppy held back for breeding and now past the cute and cuddly stage - not likely to be bought. We traded her for the "pick of the litter" she was to have with Frazer. They had 5 beautiful healthy puppies and Misty was the best mother we have ever seen.

She was very shy at first and distrusted any man with a beard or mustache (sadly that included me). She knows what she wants and just goes out and gets it. When she was full of puppies and the nesting urge came over her there was nothing anyone could do to keep her in our yard. She was out everyday collecting things to feed the pups when they arrived and would bring them home to show us each afternoon after the "shopping" trip.

She is a beautiful dog and loves a wash and having her coat groomed After that she will proudly show off her mane to anyone. Most of the pics on the webpage are of Misty and the pups. Frazer is the scruff of the family and even though he scrubs up well he doesn't stay that way for long!
He is still verrrry inquisitive.

Frazer and Misty
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