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Frazer's Australiana Page
And here are the people we live with.
Sssshhh .. I don't think they know we are dogs.
Hi my name is

And that's Misty , the wife with the 5 kids on the left
Now aint she cute!
Misty and I live with a human family in Australia

Misty is the star of their family
and the love of my life
We are a breed of Dutch furry people called: -
And sometimes the humans even all get together and just RELAX!
Michaella, Chris and Jeff!!
and our extended family Sharon & Koreen
This was Christmas eve 2002
This is the "Top of Sydney"
The Sydney Harbour Bridge,
and here the humans are right on top of the arch.
metres above the Harbour
They said "it was such fun! .. and the views!!"
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Read what's happening
in Australia
Come on holidays with the humans to
Norfolk Island
Vietnam & Cambodia
Welcome to
Sydney, Australia!!
The weather is always fine and sunny ( I wish).
The people are warm and friendly and the
siteseeing is wonderful!
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