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Hello friends!!!!! Still looking for people with MASTER to DVD stuff to trade with. Please read the rules, eventhough no one cares about rules anymore and also read the description of my list, it will help you understand many things! Thank You. Updated July 21, 2007. Major June update. Many upgrades from Montreal shows. Many shows authored from masters acquired from an old filmer! Check'em out!!!! BEWARE of this f****r: Simon Von Holdt. He asked for a trade, he had nothing of interest to me. He begged to buy some Limp Bizkit shows from me, so I accepted. He paid with Paypal, I sent the shows and he did a complaint to paypal as if he had never received the shows. Since then he blocked my email so I can't reach him. He did the same thing to another trader (www.bootlegland0.tripod.com). So lookout for this German piece of shit. Simon Von Holdt Nordbahnhofstr. 31 D-Husum 25813 Germany email = vonholdt@gmx.net



Email me if interested in a trade.

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