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What is the Cad on the Moon site. It is a down load site for Autocad users where you can obtain some large and small lisp utilities that make life drawing with Autocad just that little bit easier.

Written when CAD manager/assistant in various ARCHITECTS offices simply to make life easier by making AutoCAD do work more automatically. These items were not available or not in the packages we had, or management did not want buy.

They were all tested in the offices on Autocad versions upto 2004, but are working tools not products, they work and worked for us but they were never foolproof, other setups and networks, and the inevitable AutoCAD updates mean that the files may need tweaking in some small way. Any feedback and fixes from users will be posted. If you find a problem and fix it please let me know.

The utilities can be downloaded as either packages grouped as "KEC" or as single items under the "Lisp Utilities" heading.

All the packages are FREE in open text and have no restrictions.

Update 2nd Nov 2010

About Cad on the Moon and what is new in this update. AutoSolids is now Free to download.
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Single Lisp Utilities
Extended and updated utilities, main functions in seperate files, open source. 51 utilities.
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KEC for Autocad
Original group of KEC packages. Architectural utilities in groups of related functions. For versions 2000 upward
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KEC for the USA
Imperial versions of the main plan utilities converted for use with feet and inches.
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Update Files
Sourse files for help users upgrade or modify the utilities for other versions of Autocad.
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KEC for LT
Some Architectural utilities adapted for use with Autocad LT. V 2000 upward
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Other Useful Items
A few Utilities I have found to be useful. These are third party utilities.
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Questions and Answers
See if the answer to your is question here before you start to panic.
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Intellicad 2001
Free version of IntelliCAD 2001.Equivalent to Autocad v14, upward compatible with all versions of Autocad.Can lisp utilities on this site. Great program.
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Auto Solids
Auto Solids a well known and very good 3D graphics addon to Autocad have moved onto pastures new and so have put their software into the public domain for free.
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Moon Links
Are you looking for one of the other related moon sites and ended up here... list of other links
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Contact and About
How to contact me about items on this site.
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