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Name:Tsujimoto Natsumi
Height:164 cm
Weight:50 kg
Blood Type:O
Description:The strong and wild type,if Miyuki was the
brains,Natsumi is Naturally the brawns.She  is very outgoing and friendly,and comes to
work late all the time,it also seems that she
posses superhuman strength.She can lift
her  Honda Motocompo and a lot of other
very heavy things. 
Name:Kobayakawa Miyuki
Height:163 cm
Weight:51 kg
Blood Type:A
Description:The silent and intellectual type,she is the brains of the duo.She enjoys fixing things like cars and motorbikes,she is a skilled and talented mechanic,not to mention that she is a terrific driver,and is a very good at high speed chases.She even added nitro to their Honda Today patrol car.She is also very fond of Nakajima,and shows her concern most of the time
Name:Nakajima Ken
Height:190 cm
Description: A motorcycle cop who calls him self `The White
Hawk of Bokuto Station'.Nakajima is a very good
biker,prehaps he got it from his father Nakajima Daimaru.
He is usually very shy around Miyuki,that's because he likes her,though he is very shy in showing his affection for Miyuki,lest their companions tease them.
Name: Nikaido Yuriko
Height 155 cm
Description:The one who usually stirs up troble at the station,the gossip-monger of Bokuto.Even throught how much stories and rumors she can make,nobody hates her because she is really kind,though her habit of eavesdropping on people can be pain most of the time
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