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     "A person's a person, no matter how small"
             -Dr. Seuss
      In loving memory of Kristin Elise 1994
                                       Rachel Angeline 1995
                                       Jake 1997
                                      * Mia Faith 2002
                                      * Courage 2003

Welcome to my memorial to my five children who died before being born..and to my celebration of the joy I found in my living children.

Five of my babies died..two of them were perfectly healthy in utero but died in pregnancies three months apart, due to an undiagnosed defect in my own body.  The third  *fourth and *fifth died due to unknown reasons.

Miscarriage is,  I think, the most silent of sorrows.  The grief and longing experienced by the parents of a miscarried child are often discounted and downplayed..for this reason, parents don't tend to be able to share their losses with others.  It's easier just to pretend not to hurt than to have to explain why.  I thank you for taking the time to listen to my story and share in my grief and joy with me..

Please take the time to sign my guestbook, which you can reach only from this page (or click the Home button on any page and then click on sign/view guestbook below) and apply for my awards so I know you were here..I look for new messages every day, and will reply personally to you if you leave me your email or web address.

Please, if you have time, visit my voting pages.  You may vote once per day in each webring.  A lot of votes increase the visits to my site, and allow me the opportunity to meet and possibly help other grieving mothers.

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Thanks and love to Zarey who was there for me, and to Dawn who initiated these pages for me to build on and make my own.  Thank you Dawn and Zarey for the courage to begin this journey.

*Before I had even completed a  page for Mia, my fourth loss, I suffered a fifth loss in July 2003.  As I am still grieving and in shock from these latest losses, it is taking me time to complete.   
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