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photo credit:Daniel Vilelaphoto used with his permission.

Convicts are from Central America and grow to about 7 inches long. They are an aggressive fish and are best kept alone. They are said to be very prolific breeders and have very interesting parental behavior, being very protective of thier offspring. They have been known to nip at the hands of a person cleaning thier tank when they have eggs and fry. I have read a description of convicts as being "The homicidal axe murderers of the fish world". They like thier water at about 75 degrees, and PH of about 7.3 and GH of 12. They are very colorful fish and are really well liked by the people that keep them. They like a variety of foods ranging from meats, vegetables, feeder fish, and commercial Cichlid food. These fish are probably the toughest, fish around and are a great fish to keep.

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