This site is for anyone that wants to start an aquarium, or learn about different types of fish. I will cover several topics relating to aquarium set up, maintenance, fish care and breeding. This site will be changed and updated with new information and sections as soon as I can get them listed. Check back often. If you have any questions, please feel free to E-Mail me.

Don't forget to submit photos of your tank, or any of your fish, for posting on my Reader's Aquariums page. I will put any photos of your tank or fish on this page and a link to your site or email. Enjoy your visit here!

Fish Anatomy
Diagram and description of anatomy
Choosing an aquarium
What size to buy?
Setting up your aquarium Filters,heaters,gravel,plants and decorations.
Fish IndexUPDATED!!
List of different types of fish, and photos
NEW!! now you can add your own comments and information about the fish in this section. click to see the details!!
Readers Aquariums
Submit your tank to be posted on this site!!
UPDATE: There is now 2 submissions on this page!! 10/4/00
Fish Diseases
Common fish diseases, and how to treat
The Betta Page
Betta Splendens-"Siamese Fighting Fish"
Site Awards
My site awards
Fish and Fantasy
Come see how fish and fantasy go together
Banners Page
For linking my site on yours
Copper's Tribute Page
Memorial to my puppy Copper

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