Aidan Cross



Deep inside Castle Grayskull, in a dark, private chamber which was rarely entered by ordinary humans, six elderly wise men were crowded round a table. In the centre of the table was a glowing sphere of light as bright as the stars. The men sat silently around it, concentrating only on the visions which the sphere sent into their minds. These men were about to uncover the solution to a mystery which had troubled the minds of a small group of Eternians for twenty years. Throughout this long period, they had used their combined powers to try to find the solution, but had remained unsuccessful. But now, having become more and more powerful among themselves, they had formed this sphere of light, which beamed the truth to their minds.
For these men were the ancient Elders of Eternia, led by the ever-powerful Keclar. It was they who had helped drive evil forces from their world thousands of years before, and now in their spirit form, they remained concealed inside Grayskull, concentrating their power on finding the solution to this mystery, whilst the world outside was protected from evil by He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.
Elsewhere in Grayskull, a beautiful woman slept soundly. By the side of her bed was a set of orange, magical wings and a falcon head-dress. Her long, black hair spread gently over her pillow, her white sheets laid firmly over her naked torso. She was the Sorceress of Grayskull, one of the most powerful beings in all Eternia. Although outwardly she seemed at peace, inside, her mind was being troubled by a disturbing nightmare.
She saw a vision of herself, twenty years ago, looking exactly the same as she did now, her magic having kept her young. Beside her was a young man wearing a gray helmet, and green and orange armour. This was Duncan, a close friend of hers. They stood in a dark room, and in front of them was a portal, by which stood a grotesque-looking man, his disfigured face a mere fleshy mess. In his arms, he held a baby girl, softly asleep in his clutches.
"You are too late, I'm afraid!" he laughed. "You have defeated me, I have no intention of returning- but you will never see this child again!" with that, he fired a laser bolt at the Sorceress and Duncan, which they dodged by inches, and then he turned and fled through the portal, which closed up fast. The Sorceress and Duncan were left alone. They had no idea of where the disfigured tyrant had fled.
The Sorceress woke with a start. Why had she been dreaming about that? That had been a dreadful incident which had happened twenty years ago. Her mind had been plagued with worry ever since of what the disfigured tyrant may have done with the baby girl, and where he could have gone- but she had almost given up on that mystery!
Could the dream have had any significance? Her dreams often did, with the power of her mind. She arose from her bed, curious to find what her dream could mean. And barely had she stepped out from the sheets when the spirit of an elderly man, dressed in a long, red robe, appeared before her naked form. It was the spirit of Keclar, leader of the Elders of Eternia. It was rare that he stepped out from the shadows of Grayskull to speak to her- he only did that on extremely important occasions. The Sorceress had no idea what this important occasion could be about- but she had the strange feeling that it was something to do with her dream.
"What do you want?" she asked.
"We have found the girl." replied Keclar. "Our twenty year quest has come to an end."
The Sorceress gasped in amazement. This news seemed to good to be true. She had been convinced for years that this mystery would remain unsolved!
"Where is she? What shall we do?"
"Using our powers to create a glowing magic sphere, we have traced her whereabouts to the planet Etheria. We have seen exactly where she is, and have used our magic to trace exactly what has happened to her these past twenty years. And after careful consideration, we have come to the conclusion that she is in need of a very powerful creation of ours."
"And what is that?"
Keclar reached out his arms, and between his hands formed a glowing cylinder. The cylinder's light dimmed, and it took on the shape of a sword, long and gleaming, with a bright jewel in the centre.
"The Sword of Protection!" exclaimed the Sorceress.
"Precisely." replied Keclar. "After thousands of years, we are finally granting this sword to someone who needs it urgently."
"And how do we get it to her?"
"You must send for Prince Adam at once. He is the only person who can accomplish this task. But you must not tell him anything, other than that he must journey to Etheria to give this sword to someone. The real story would be too confusing for him- we must leave it to him to find it out for himself."
"Then I will do so!" replied the Sorceress. "We must find the portal to Etheria in the time gate chamber! Then I will contact Adam. At last this mystery is to be solved- and could have even greater consequences than we ever could have dreamed of!"

At the Royal Palace of Eternia, Prince Adam was sitting in the palace garden, reading a book, whilst his childhood friend, Teela, practised pole vaulting in front of him. Adam had now been saving Eternia from danger in the form of He-Man for two years. Many times had he put an end to the schemes of Skeletor and his evil forces, but he had never yet managed to drive these forces from Eternia altogether. Of course, he felt proud of all he had achieved, yet frustrated and quite angry that he always got the credit as He-Man and not Adam. Only a few people had any idea that the two were in fact the same person. Even Teela, while fixed in admiration for He-Man, believed Adam to be nothing more than a weak coward. As he looked up from his book and watched her, vaulting energetically through the gardens, he knew she was probably thinking about how lazy he was and never did anything. It was so depressing just for Adam to think of it. Why could he never be given important tasks as Adam? Why did he always have to change to He-Man to do it?
Teela paused for a rest, and walked towards Adam.
"Reading again, Adam? What's this book?"
"Just a book of ancient Eternian legends." said Adam. "I really like these kinds of books, I've got a whole stack of them to read later, you really should try them sometime....."
"But," interrupted Teela, "however good these books may be, they don't help defend Eternia, do they? While we all train to fight for our planet, all you care about is enjoying yourself."
"Teela, please, you don't have to be this harsh....."
"I don't mean to be harsh," she replied, her long, red hair blowing in the gentle summer wind, "I'm just making a point. He-Man doesn't spend his time lazing about you know. I bet that right now, he's off doing some good deed somewhere that he's needed, while all you do is....."
Suddenly Adam heard a faint voice in his head, and shot to his feet. "SHUT UP!!!!!" he shouted at the top of his voice.
Teela took a step back, shocked. It was unlike the prince to shout at her. "Have you an attitude problem or something? No need for that....."
"I can..... feel something....." he replied, "just keep quiet!!!"
Inside his head, Adam could hear the faint voice of the Sorceress, making mind contact with him. She usually did this when He-Man was needed.
"Adam....." she was saying, "you must come to Grayskull this instant. Tell your parents you are being sent on an important mission! Do not change into He-Man- you must do this as Adam! Come immediately!"
"Right away!" he replied. Teela was looking at him strangely, for he appeared to be talking to himself.
"What on Eternia are you doing, Adam?! Are you going mad?"
Adam looked up at her, into her beautiful, pale blue eyes, and proudly announced: "The Sorceress just made mind contact with me! She's sending me on a mission!"
"Sending YOU on a mission? But why.....?"
"I don't know- but it's obviously something important. I'll show you I'm just as capable of carrying out tasks as He-Man is. Now to tell my parents I'm leaving!"
And with that, he left the garden, leaving Teela astonished and perplexed. He had no idea why the Sorceress wanted him to do this as Adam- but it would definitely give him the chance to prove that Adam could be a hero too. He instantly went to find his parents, King Randor and Queen Marlena, who were sitting in the royal courtyard. He explained to them what had happened, and that he was leaving to go on an important mission.
"But why you, Adam?" asked Randor, confused. "What could the Sorceress want of you? You sure you're not turning schizophrenic, hearing voices in your head?"
"It was the Sorceress." Adam assured him. "She often makes mind contact with people when she needs them. She didn't say what she wants, but I could be gone for some time. I must leave now, as it's obviously important. I'll call you if I need any help!"
"Then good journey, my son." said Queen Marlena. "May the Elders protect you, and good luck in whatever your quest may be."
"I hope you fare well, Adam." added Randor. "Maybe I have misjudged you- the Sorceress must obviously feel you are very responsible to carry out such an important mission." He shook Adam's hand, and the Prince departed for Grayskull.


When Adam entered Grayskull, he was greeted by the Sorceress, dressed in her usual falcon outfit.
"Greetings, Prince Adam." she said solemnly. "I have called you here because you must take your most important mission yet. But it shall seem strange to you- as the Elders have forbidden me to reveal too much to you."
"What do you want me to do?" asked Adam.
"Follow me." replied the Sorceress, and led him through the dark corridors of the ancient castle.
Eventually, they reached a chamber that was full of large, wooden doors that looked as though they could lead just about anywhere. Adam had never been in this part of Grayskull before.
"This is the time gate chamber." the Sorceress told him. "Behind each door here lies a time gate to another world. From here we link Eternia to nearly every planet in the universe. And you must venture into another world to undertake your mission."
"Which world is that?" asked Adam.
The Sorceress led him to one of the wooden doors. By magic, it swung open with a loud creak, and behind it was a bright, glowing red light.
"This is the portal to the planet Etheria." said the Sorceress. "Your mission is to go to this planet and find another person on this world."
"Who is this person? Why do I have to find them?"
"I'm afraid that this is what I cannot tell you. You will find out the truth- but just now, I must keep this from you."
Now Adam was really confused. "Then how will I know who to find? I don't even know if they're male or female or what they do! How can I search a whole planet for just one person? Even if I do find them, how am I gonna know I've got the right person?"
The Sorceress pulled out a brightly glowing sword from underneath her wings, and handed it to Adam. Adam studied the sword carefully, and noticed that it was in every aspect identical to his sword of power, the only difference being a large, oval-shaped jewel in the centre.
"This sword," said the Sorceress, "is to be presented to this person. When you find them, it will glow- then you will know you have found the right person."
"It looks almost exactly like my sword." remarked Adam. "Does it have similar powers too?"
"It does indeed have very special powers," replied the Sorceress, "and is intended for someone of a special destiny. There are many secrets of Grayskull which even you don't know, Adam, and this is just one of them. But I can tell you no more."
Adam put the sword on his back, in the sheath which contained the sword of power. "How do I look for this person?" he asked.
"Do not look for them." replied the Sorceress. "Just go wherever your path leads you until you find someone whose presence makes the sword glow. Now you must step through the time gate, as you cannot afford to lose time!"
"I will do my best, Sorceress." Adam replied.
"Good journey." she said, and he slowly stepped inside the red, blazing light.

Within seconds, the red light had completely surrounded Adam. And he felt his body moving forward, as if he was being transported somewhere. Then he came to a sudden halt, feeling his feet hit ground. The red light died down, and he found himself surrounded by a beautiful landscape, with bright green trees and blooming flowers. There were many strange, magical-looking plants around, illuminated by the hot sun shining from above.
So this was the world of Etheria. This was the first time that Adam had seen this planet. He could see that it looked very peaceful around here, and instantly felt a sense of warmth and belonging in this new world. He looked all around him for signs of other people. And in the distance, he caught sight of what looked like a small outdoor bar, where people were eating and drinking at tables. This was the perfect chance to meet someone and get an introduction to this world. Adam approached the bar.
As he got closer, he noticed that the people were speaking the same language as him, the universal language that had originated on Earth. This was one relief- he didn't have to learn a new language to understand the people of this world. He decided he would pose as an Etherian, to avoid seeming suspicious.
But when he got closer, a sudden silence befell the people, and they abruptly turned and looked over at him. Why was this? Did he look suspicious to them?
Nervously, he walked up to the counter, and was greeted by a middle-aged barman serving drinks. "Who are you?" the barman asked. "Don't think I've seen your face in these parts."
"Erm..... no." Adam replied. "I'm a stranger round here. Just passing through the place. My name's Adam, by the way."
"Fine then." replied the barman. "Is there anything I can do for you?"
Adam was about to order a beer, but then he remembered he only had Eternian money with him. He didn't want to have to give away the fact he was from another world, so he just said "I'm..... okay for now. I'll leave if I'm any trouble....."
"No, you're fine- make yourself at home. Just sit down and get to know the regulars."
"Okay then." Adam turned round and scanned the place for an empty seat. But most of the people seemed to be quite nervous, and he could not help but feel as though he was bothering them in some way. Perhaps he should leave. It was unlikely he'd find the person he was looking for here.
Then a smartly-dressed man sitting alone at a table called to Adam. "You can sit here if you like." he said, with friendly tones.
"Thank you." Adam replied politely, and sat down opposite the man. He looked about thirty-ish, and was tall and thin, wearing a smart, executive-looking suit, with jacket and tie.
"So what's brought you to these parts then?" the man asked. "Not often that we see strangers round here."
"I'm just passing through-" Adam replied, "I have to find someone. I won't be staying here long....."
"You're okay, my friend." the man replied, in a bright and lively tone. "You're perfectly welcome here. My name's Carlos, and I'm a scientist round here. I work for Queen Angella, who controls this area of Etheria. Bright Moon, it's called, though you must know that of course."
"Yes, em..... of course. Pleased to meet you- my name's Adam." Carlos reached across the table, and the two shook hands.
Then Adam noticed that the barmen seemed to be keeping a close watch on him. They kept turning their heads in his direction, then turning to one another and muttering something.
"What's up with them?" Adam asked. "Have I done anything wrong? Do I look or act suspicious in some way?"
"You don't seem suspicious to me." Carlos replied. "I doubt if you do to them, it's just that they have to keep a close watch on any stranger round here. You see, for all they know, you could be a spy for the Horde. They just have to make sure."
"The Horde? Who are they?"
Carlos looked at him in bewilderment. "Are you saying you don't know who the Horde are? Have you been locked away all your life?"
Now Adam was close to panic. Obviously this was something that every Etherian knew about.
"I'm..... I'm sorry," he stammered, "I just..... didn't know. Can you tell me?"
"The Horde rule this planet!" exclaimed Carlos. "They are the supreme dictatorship! They have reduced more than half this world to poverty and starvation, and care nothing for innocent people! How can you live on this planet, and not know who the Horde are?!"
"Well....." Adam stammered, "you see..... I suppose I'd better explain. You mustn't tell a soul- but I don't live on Etheria. I'm from another world. Eternia, to be precise."
"Then..... if you're from another world, how did you get to Etheria?"
"I was sent here." he replied. "On a mission to find someone. Please don't ask me questions, as I don't even know who this person is myself. I know it may seem strange..... but I tell you, I come in peace. The last thing I intend is to bring harm to anyone on this planet."
Carlos hesitated. Adam couldn't tell whether he was suspicious of him or not. Then Carlos finally said "Well..... this is unusual. Not every day you meet someone from another planet. But I believe you, my friend, and won't interrogate you. You're right not to tell anyone here that you're from another world, as they would become weary of you. You can't really blame them, when they live in fear of the Horde."
"And I thought this world looked peaceful!" said Adam.
"It sure looks it round here," said Carlos, "but as a whole, Etheria is anything but peaceful. Most people on this planet lead a tough life."
They were in silence for a few seconds, then Carlos said "I'll buy you a beer if you want. I know you won't have Etherian currency on you, so I'll pay."
"Sure thing." said Adam. "Please do."
Carlos arose, and went towards the counter. Just then, Adam heard the sounds of marching from behind. He looked around, and was shocked at what he saw. There was a long line of people, dressed shabbily, their bodies covered in dirt. Each was carrying a heavy-looking box, so heavy that some of them were almost collapsing under the strain. And alongside the line of miserable-looking people were several tall, menacing figures. They were very evil-looking robots, with red, blazing eyes and striking red bat symbols across their chests. And they were hurrying the people along by cracking whips at them violently.
Adam was both distressed and angered by the dreadful sight. This was the sign of evil forces in control- something that was very rarely seen on Eternia. It seemed to Adam that this planet was everything that Skeletor would want to make Eternia. It saddened Adam to see how these innocent people could fall victim to evil like this.
But he knew he had been sent to the right planet. If there was anyone that Etheria needed at this moment, it was He-Man. Looking around him, Adam noticed that nearly every person in the bar was staring in horror at the slaves. Carlos walked up to him and said "They're the Horde Troopers. There's a Horde slave plantation nearby, and the troopers force them to produce goods, and even though the Horde have many advanced vehicles that they could use themselves, they force the slaves to carry them all to their base."
"What cruelty." said Adam. "I cannot allow that in my presence." he got to his feet, and laid his hand on Carlos' shoulder. "I think we should teach them a lesson." he said.
"You know," smiled Carlos, "the idea's just come to me that you're a really brave guy."
"Too right you are." replied Adam. Now someone was seeing Adam as a hero, rather than He-Man! And he would not change to He-Man to fight these troopers. He may not be as strong in the form of Adam- but he was sure he could still fight them. "Let's go." he said to Carlos. Then he shouted at the top of his voice "We strike in the name of Etheria!"
The whole bar looked at him, and applauded him. This man they had been so suspicious of seemed like a hero, come to save them. And Adam and Carlos made their way out of the bar and towards the troopers with eagerness fuelling their minds.

Approaching the line of slaves, Adam struck a trooper from behind. The trooper turned round to face him, but before he could react, Adam struck the trooper hard in the chest. A fizzling, whirring sound came from inside the robot's body, then it simply fell apart, a heap of scrap metal on the ground.
"Seems these guys die easily!" said Adam. "Let's deal with the lot, Carlos!"
Instantly, Adam and Carlos began to strike each trooper in the chest repeatedly until the robots crumbled to the ground. "Flee to safety!" Adam said to the slaves. "We will put an end to this evil!"
The slaves began to flee from the fight, as Carlos and Adam smashed more troopers to the ground. Then they moved further along the line, smashing each trooper they came across to pieces. Eventually they reached the slave plantation itself. In a huge, decrepit valley, troopers were cracking their whips at poor people, refusing to let them away from the tools they were making. Their minds filled with fury, Adam and Carlos dived down on the valley. They charged at the troopers, sending them scattering in all directions. Then they kicked aside all the goods that the slaves were being forced to make. They fought and fought until there were no further troopers in sight.
Then only the slaves were left. They ran towards their saviours, and fell at their feet. There were loud cries of "You have saved us!" and "How may we repay you?"
"There's no need to repay us." said Adam. "You are no longer slaves. You may now leave this place for good and return to your homes. And we will do our best to put an end to the Horde's rule."
The slaves applauded and thanked Adam and Carlos, then, with cries of triumph, ran from the scene until they were lost from sight.
Carlos stepped forward to Adam, and shook his hand. "You know, I think Etheria has found a true hero in you." he said.
"You owe me nothing." said Adam. "I will do my best to help you dispose of the Horde."
"Then you deserve to join the Great Rebellion!" said Carlos. "We are based in the Whispering Woods. We campaign to put an end to the Horde dictatorship. You will no doubt prove a most valued member. Follow me!"
Adam turned and followed his new friend. Now this was one heck of a good start on Etheria. He had destroyed a slave plantation, and looked all set to become a hero on this world. And at long last, he was getting the credit as Adam. For the present moment, He-Man was completely out of the question.


The news of the destruction of the slave plantation spread fast throughout Etheria. The citizens of Bright Moon were overjoyed that slavery no longer existed in their kingdom. The identities of the two saviours were not known for sure, but every person greatly thanked the two men in their hearts.
Eventually, the news reached the Fright Zone- the centre of all evil on Etheria. A warrior spy, named Senador, picked the news up whilst spying on Bright Moon from his Batmex craft. Senador was a type of cyborg, his face covered by a golden metal mask, with red electric eyes. His body was also covered in golden armour, with the red bat symbol of the Horde emblazoned across his chest.
He set his craft to return to Doom Tower at once. He had to let his master know.
Shortly afterwards, Senador's craft arrived in the landing bay of Doom Tower. Doom Tower was a large, complex building in the centre of the Fright Zone, a huge industrial area from where the Evil Horde issued their commands to Etheria. Senador came out of his craft and entered Doom Tower, then took the lift up to the main hall.
In the main hall of the deadly building, a large figure sat in complete darkness. As Senador approached this figure, all he could make out was the red glow of its eyes in the blackness. Slowly, he made his way up to his master.
A deep, booming voice responded to Senador's presence. "What have you to report, spy?" it asked.
"Mighty Hordak," responded Senador, in his low electronic voice, "I am afraid that the Horde has been threatened by the forces of good."
"Of what do you speak?" replied the deep voice of Hordak, ruler of Etheria.
"I speak of an incident that took place today on the edges of the kingdom of Bright Moon. The Horde slave plantation that operates by the kingdom was completely destroyed- by two seemingly ordinary men!"
The eyes seemed to light up brighter with evil curiosity. "And how could this happen?" Hordak asked. "Ordinary men cannot make a stand against the powers of the Horde."
"I am afraid that these two men virtually smashed all the troopers to pieces, then let all the slaves free. The news is all around Bright Moon. I am unsure of the men's identities, one of them I think is a scientist in Bright Moon, the other I have no idea of."
"THE BASTARDS!!!" shouted Hordak abruptly, shooting up in his seat. All at once his full figure came into view, illuminated by the yellow neon light on the ceiling. Senador could see the tyrant's white, metal face, his sharp red metal teeth, and his whole armoured body from where the red bat symbol glared out.
"How can two ordinary, weak-minded humans think they can challenge the Horde like this?" he bellowed. "Do they really think they have any chance of freeing their planet from the Horde?! They must be members of the so-called 'Great Rebellion'. It's time I dealt with those interfering weaklings."
Just then, unafraid of her master's anger, a tall woman draped from head to toe in a black robe came gliding along the floor. She wore a black hood, completely concealing her face- all that could be seen was her glowing red eyes, almost as striking and penetrating as Hordak's. Her long, bony green fingers poked out from her sleeves, with black, sharp nails.
"My magic detects another possible threat to the Horde." she told Hordak.
"And what is this?! Speak, Shadow Weaver."
"I am picking up signals of an incredible power which has just arrived on this planet from another world. The strange thing is that this power seems to be coming entirely from one person! This one individual possesses great power which is all on the side of good and could possibly destroy the Horde. I am unable to identify this person, but my magic senses that they are somewhere in the kingdom of Bright Moon."
Hordak was made even angrier by what Shadow Weaver had told him. He was getting sick and tired of 'threats to the Horde' constantly coming up from nowhere. But he would never accept that anything good could ever possibly destroy the Horde.
"This powerful being may hold the belief that he can destroy us," Hordak said, "but now that I am aware of his existence I am able to deal with him. You say he is in the kingdom of Bright Moon. This is where the slave plantation was destroyed. Well I will make up for the destruction of this plantation..... by making an even bigger one! I will have the whole city of Bright Moon taken to the Horde mines, where they will all become slaves. Amongst them will be the men who destroyed the plantation in the first place, and they will pay dearly for what they did."
"And the person whom my magic senses?"
"There's one simple answer to that." he turned to Senador. "Call Force Captain Adora. Tell her to assemble my thugs and keep a close watch on them. Make sure they keep watch for any powerful-looking being, and kill him before he can stop them."
"I will, master." replied Senador. He saluted Hordak, and left the hall.
Then Hordak turned to Shadow Weaver, his red, blazing eyes staring directly into hers.
"So, they think they can threaten us." he said mockingly. "We will show this 'stranger' and the rebellion that anyone who causes trouble for the Horde..... only makes worse trouble for themselves!"


Adam was walking down a long, winding path through Whispering Woods, with Carlos at his side. The woods were very quiet and mysterious, full of wispy, strange-looking trees with blue and purple leaves. Adam caught the occasional sight of very strange animals scuttling through the vegetation. It seemed a very magical place. Adam had never seen anything quite like this on Eternia.
"So, tell me a little more about yourself." said Carlos. "Out of mere curiosity, of course. Why were you chosen to come to Etheria?"
"Well, it's gonna sound pretty strange to you, but I'm actually the Prince of Eternia." Adam told him. "I guess the Sorceress wanted an important person to carry out this task, and since I'm the Prince, she chose me." He knew this wasn't completely true, but he knew he couldn't mention anything about He-Man. He wanted to forget He-Man for the time being anyway, now that he was finally being seen as a hero as Adam.
"This is sounding stranger by the minute!" answered Carlos. "You're the Prince, then! It's a long time since monarchy was abolished on Etheria. Ruling the whole planet, anyway, we only have monarchs in control of cities or districts, like Queen Angella. Anyway, you said you weren't sure who you were meant to find, why is this?"
"Well, you see, the Sorceress gave me this sword, and just told me I had to take it to someone on Etheria, but she couldn't tell me who. I have absolutely no idea..... she just said it would glow when I found the right person."
"Sounds strange indeed." said Carlos. "But I'll help you in your quest, however difficult it may be. We're nearly approaching the rebel camp now- just wait until Angella hears of our victory."
Adam and Carlos moved onwards through the woods. Eventually, the extreme silence of the place came to an end when they heard the sound of human voices, just around the corner. Finally they saw the rebel camp in the distance, just a few small, wooden buildings, with people training around them.
Adam and Carlos approached one of the small buildings, and stepped inside. They saw a tall, middle-aged woman dressed in pink with blue tights, with long blonde hair and a large pair of elegant white wings coming from her back. By her side was a younger woman, far more rebellious-looking, with long hair dyed pink, and dressed entirely in purple and blue.
Carlos approached the older woman. "Afternoon, Angella- I've returned."
The younger woman jumped in his way. "Where have you been all this time?" she demanded.
"Hey, calm down Glimmer, I've been doing some good deeds. All with the help of my new friend here." He gestured towards Adam. Glimmer spun round, and saw that they had a guest. "Oh, er..... I'm sorry." she said, embarrassed. "I didn't see you come in. Who are you..... pleased to meet you."
"My name's Adam." Adam said politely, shaking her hand.
"Greetings, my friend." said Angella. "I am Queen Angella, the ruler of Bright Moon. This is my daughter, Glimmer- leader of the rebels. As you will know, it is one of the only kingdoms on Etheria that is free from Horde rule. Welcome to the Great Rebellion- extra members is just what we need at the moment."
"And fewer slave plantations too!" added Carlos. "And thanks to Adam and myself, there IS one less plantation!"
"You mean..... you've destroyed one?!" asked Glimmer.
"Smashed it to pieces!" answered Carlos, miming a punch with his fist. "And set all the slaves free!"
"But..... you're no warrior." said Glimmer.
"I may just be a 'mere scientist'" mocked Carlos, "but I have enough strength to reduce a Horde Trooper to scrap metal. But of course, it's mainly thanks to Adam. I met him in the bar, and he seems a brave guy, you know. We've got to let him join the rebellion."
"Wow..... you seem a real hero." said Glimmer, eyeing up Adam in admiration. Adam pretended not to notice. But secretly, he was glad that Adam was getting a woman's affections, not He-Man. It had been so annoying back on Eternia, with Teela failing to notice his affections for her, only being interested in He-Man!
"You are most welcome to join the Rebellion." said Angella. "You have done us a great deed, by destroying a whole slave plantation. Now we can introduce you to some other rebels."
"I am honoured to join you." said Adam. "But I am afraid I must tell you that I'm no ordinary Etherian."
"Why's that?" asked Glimmer.
"I'm from another world. Yeah, sounds strange, I know, but it's the planet Eternia..... our ways of life are fairly similar to yours, only that we are free from the rule of evil. I've been sent to this world to find a particular person..... but haven't been told who. Please don't ask questions, as I know no more than that."
Glimmer's face fell when he said this. "You mean you'll be going back when you find this person?"
"Well, I'm afraid so. Though I think I'll be staying for some while."
Glimmer smiled at him. She would do her best to keep him on this planet as long as she could.
"It is an honour to welcome someone from another world." said Angella. "We are glad to make your acquaintance while we can. Just do not tell any normal folk that you're from another world, or they will become suspicious. Anyway, please make yourself at home- Carlos will show you around the place."
Carlos took Adam around the rebel camp, introducing him to several of the more important rebel warriors. Adam could see that they were all very determined to eliminate the Horde. And he knew that he was more than capable of helping them..... even if it did mean having to turn to He-Man eventually.
"Good to have you with us" said Carlos, "but don't take any notice of anything that Glimmer says. Most of the time she doesn't even think. She always forgets how important I am to Queen Angella. My scientific discoveries often help her."
"It's okay." said Adam, smiling. "I don't see any trouble with her. I'm just....."
All of a sudden, a large metal vehicle burst through the trees into the rebel camp, propelled by a cyborg with golden armour. The whole camp fell silent with shock.
The cyborg got to his feet. "Greetings, 'rebels'." he said mockingly. "I am Senador, minion of Hordak. And I understand that two of you have destroyed one of the mighty Hordak's slave plantations. All I can say is 'congratulations'. You must be feeling so proud, whoever you are. And I don't care to know who you are- I'm just going to let you know that Hordak has had his forces taking as many people as possible from Bright Moon to be slaves, and has sent some troopers after you. So whoever destroyed the slave plantation- the Horde thanks you very much for helping us build an even bigger one. Have a nice day." He sat down and steered the vehicle away from the rebel camp.
Queen Angella and Glimmer came rushing out towards Adam and Carlos. "Did you see that?" said Angella.
"Sarcastic metal-faced bastard." said Glimmer. "I say we smash those troopers to pieces, then we go to the Fright Zone to free the slaves. Let's go!"
"Hold on, Glimmer," said Carlos, "we mustn't act too quickly. If we just spring out and smash the troopers we will lose as we won't be well-prepared enough. We must carefully plan how we are going to react, then we stand a better chance of victory."
"You're right." said Angella. "Glimmer- go and help the rebels prepare for battle. We'll show the Horde just how much they underestimate us."
No sooner had she spoken than the air was suddenly filled with the deafening sound of Horde sirens. Battle was about to commence!
A Batmex craft appeared above the trees, came to a halt, and a hatch in the bottom opened, with Horde Troopers descending on parachutes. From the air, they shot at the rebels with their guns.
"For Bright Moon- Attack!" commanded Glimmer, and the whole of the rebel camp was engulfed in battle.


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