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Welcome to our home on the web. We are the Raines Family.  We are a family of 5  Daddy is an independant consultant as a network engineer.  He likes to play on line games on MSN.  Mommy stays home with the little ones.  She enjoys scapbooking. Ashlyn is a entergetic 5 year old that loves school. She loves to play with Barbie, her cousins, and being spoiled at Nana and Papaw's house. Jesalyn is 11/2 now and loves to play outside and ask ";what's that?"  We call her ";Boo" cause she looks just like Boo from Disney's Monster's Inc. And Aaron is our baby brother who is 6 months old.  And really starting to have fun with his sisters.

We attend
Windsor Park Baptist Church, where we  are very active.  The Lord has blessed us in so many ways of the last couple of years and we strive every day to be worthy of his blessings and give HIM all the glory and praise.

On our pages you will find out about each of us.  On  Mommy's pages you will find pictures in her on line photo album, and about her hobby scrapbooking.  Daddy, Ashlyn and Aaron all were born with Marshall Syndrome.  On Daddy's page you can read about this birth defect and some wonderful sites we have found for support and inforomation.  On Arron and Ashlyn's pages  you can read their birth and surgery stories.  2 years ago our family, then just Daddy , Mommy and Ashlyn, became a foster/adotive family through the state.  On Jesalyn's page read her adotion story and learn how you can help other children find their forever families.

Jesalyn's Page
Aaron's Page
We are the featured family for June 2003 on see our story here.
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