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February 2, 2006

Today's Entry - "
A Begging Faith"

What's Going On in My Head?

- i'm praying and praying and praying today.  i have total desperation about a situation that needs to be resolved.  it's not life threatening to anybody, but it has become of utmost importance in my head today.  Lord, i cry out to You because i can't do anything about it.  i've tried to give it to You and i've tried to solve it myself as well.  i guess i have always been trying to be a part of the solution when i probably just need to step out of the picture.

it's a strange thing that is going on for me today.  i am desperately calling out to the Lord, beseeching You to come and resolve a situation, to be with me and my wife.  to grant us Your will.  and i am very afraid and reckless with my requests.  yet, i have a lot of faith in You.  i fully expect to see the situation turn out for good.  it's weird, desperation mixed the belief.

What's Going On in My Life

- um....hello...anybody there?  i know i've been away awhile, but tonight i get to play worldwide soccer manager for the first time!

- and i get to play soccer for real after school.

- did i mention basketball is my favorite sport?
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