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Melinda Creech is my younger sister. Sept. of 1979, at age 14, she was picked up by the police in Anderson, IN. After that the police report gets more than just a very fuzzy. I will never loose the hope of reuniting with my little sister. Until then, I will keep the candle burning.

Darryl Creech


Private letter to Mindy

Mindy disappeared from Anderson, IN. after being picked up by the police.

Our mother told us Mindy had been found among the murdered, but unidentified, Jane Doe after running away from home. My siblings and I weren't completely convinced because we had never seen any kind of proof, so shortly after our mother's death in 2003 we carefully sifted through every single box of Mom's old papers finding only a small amount of helpful information about our sister.

I began posting ads on the internet's "Missing Loved Ones" bulletin boards, to look for Mindy and find out if she was possibly looking for us. The first response encouraged us to contact the Doe Network, to find out if Mindy was among their Jane Doe files, just in case she had escaped, since run-a-ways often find their way to ill fate.

The Indiana Director for Doe Network, Angie Bunch joined us wholeheartedly in our search. After researching the Doe files that fit into the time frame and had any similarities with Mindy's description, she said that she was fairly sure Mindy was not among the Jane Doe, and that it was her personal belief that we should reopen the missing person case on Melinda and continue to search for her among the living also. I did my share of looking at the photos, sketches and clay models of the unidentified also and feel hopeful that my sister is still alive.

Madison County's Detective "David Callahan" discovered that after Mindy was picked up she was moved to the old Blake house. She either escaped or tried to escape, but no one is sure of which. Her SS# was never used again after 1979, which was yet another hindrance, but he was able to track down Mindy's dental records that had been stored away long ago and collected the necessary elements for the rebuilding of Mindy's DNA to compare with the Jane Doe.

We also came across a faded letter informing Mom that a court date had been set for either the 2nd, 8th or 9th of April 1980" from Madison County Juvenile Probation Dept. with a case number on it. The intake officer was Debbie Henson. The court was to "advise child and parent". It stated that Melinda would be provided with an attorney if she requested one and that our mother would be responsible for payment of any and all services provided for Melinda, and herself, if counseling was required.

This letter could mean that my little sister did not disappear September 1979, but was still in custody April 1980. I don't know why Mom never told our family. This raises a few more questions.
• Was Melinda still in the old Blake House when this letter was mailed to my mother?
• What happened to my little sister after she was at the old Blake house, which no longer exists?
• Did my mother abandon her there, just to avoid paying a hefty bill to the State?
• Does anyone that was present at the old Blake house remember Melinda?
• Where were girls sent after the Blake house if they were abandoned there or if they needed rehabilitation?

I hope that Mindy will see this web site and find out that we are all so very sorry and we are dong everything we can to reach her. Each time I check the e-mails I hope to see a message from her. I know that it might be very difficult for her to take that step, since so many years have passed us by, but that is all the more reason to do it. Please, Mindy, if you see this, e-mail us. We miss you horribly.

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
and saves the crushed in spirit.
(Psalm 34: 18)

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