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A dozen non-prophet organizations with 4500+ members since 1963

This is just an unofficial, personal member's homepage.

Info about and links to Reformed Druids of North America (RDNA) and its offshoots: New RDNA, Hasidic DNA, etcDNA, Reformed Druids of Gaia (RDG), Missionary Order of Celtic Cross/Reformed Druidic Wicca (MOCC/RDW), Ar nDriaiocht Fein (ADF), Henge of Keltria, Order of the White Oak (OWO), Order of Mithril Star (OMS) and Reformed Druids of Gaia (RDG). Collectively, these groups are known as the "family of modern druidism in America", as distinct from the British and Fraternal families. (See helpful chart)

This site is rather homely... but quite big and fun and free!
* It has over 180 sub-webpages, all open to public
* 3200 archived pages of printed materials (the most in world)
* Links to dozens of RDNA groves and other Druid organizations
* Detailed bibliographies and recommended books
* And a karaoke site to sing lots of Druid songs! (How cool is that?)

Also in the News
Norman Nelson, one of the first founders of the RDNA has died in April 2009 and the June 26 to August 1st season is set aside as a period of mourning. Please honor him in which way you can. Please see the Druid Inquirer magazine for details.

Climbing up Hill of Three Oaks at Carleton College at 40th Reunion in 2003 Year 47 of the Reform began May 1st!
50th RDNA Reunion will be June 2013.

The RDNA is the oldest and largest Druid organization native to the United States, but perhaps the least well organized. We began in 1963 as a protest against coerced religious attendance at Carleton College in MN. The RDNA is known for it's lack of dogma, a loose hierarchy, eclectic traditions, a wry sense of humor, well archived numerous publications, and having spawned many well-known spin-off groups.

Information about the RDNA & NRDNA & RDG

Sunny Grove

Sigil Flag, c.2006 History of Druid Sigil
  • FAQ on RDNA
  • Quick Statistics about the RDNA
  • Our simple Two Basic Tenets
  • Less is More: What we don't do.

  • 10 basic steps to start a grove.
  • Oodles of our non-dogmatic literature

    Celtic vs. Cultic

  • Good Books for Researching the Druids.
  • Buy Druid goods! Druid Store

  • Where are RDNA, OMS, MOCC groves?
  • Where are ADF, Keltria, OBOD groves?
  • Links to Other Druid groups
  • Compare RDNA with ADF, Keltria & OBOD
  • Fallen Leaves: For the deceased.

    A Ready to print and double-side un-official welcome package about Reformed Druidism and planning a protogrove
    Extremely Useful Starting Point!

  • On-line Conferences by Reformed Druids & Friends

    Oddly, enough, there are alot of Druid conferences on line. Many, you will find, don't last very long. The following ones are large and active, so be careful not to sign up for TOO MANY at a time! Tell me about others you've found.

    RDNAtalk is th largest and most lively conference for the RDNA. This group of 425 Reformed Druids (about 40 do most of the talking) post & recieve mail daily on their experiences, questions & thoughts. About 15 to 30 posts/day.
    Subscribe to RDNAtalk

    Hazelnut Grove (est. 1975) in the Bay Area of CA has an active conference and offers a variety of classes. Click here to join Hazelnut_MotherGrove
    Click to join Hazelnut_MotherGrove

    Other Grove Websites

    Many groves don't maintain a website.
    For a full known list and map.

    Carleton Grove, MN Slow load!
    Emerald Grove, WA
    Amon Sun Grove, KY
    Poison Oak Grove, CA
    Palm Grove, FL
    Dogwood Grove, VA
    Clan of the Triple Horses, OR
    Barking Oak Grove, GA
    Grove of the Local Woodland Druids, Ottawa CANADA
    Rock Spray Grove, IN, yahoogroup
    Branwyn Grove, GA, webpage
    Branwyn Grove, GA, Yahoogroup

    Stacey's Druid Blog in CA
    Isaac's RDNA page
    McDavid's RDNA page
    Carleton AD Avery's RDNA TWITTER page Willem's English/French page

    Hassidic DNA (est. 1975) long defunct, needs reviving or refounding.
    Read "Great Dru-ish Books" 30pg.

    Click to join hasidic_druids, which appears moribund currently.
    Order of Mithril Star is a group since 1997 that have melded Reformed Druidism with Church of All Worlds, Wicca and other clever inventions of their own.

    OMS is a prominent member of the "Reformed Druids of Gaia" network. Their snail-mail is Reformed Druids of Gaia, C/O: OMS, P.O. Box 8004, Eureka CA 95502-8004, USA

    Order of Mithril Star Web Page
    Order of Mithril Star Conference
    Ellis' Facebook
    Another Care 2 group about them

    Subscribe to mithrilstarnews

    Click here to join Druidchat Another little conference of Reformed Druids.
    Click to join Druidchat

    Missionary Order of the Celtic Cross/Reformed Druidic Wicca (MOCC/RDW) was mysteriously founded in 1983, and originially took inspiration from RDNA and Wicca. Their HQ in Oklahoma has had a handful of offshoots and liturgical manuals.

    Subscribe to moccgroveofthethreerays

    The Henge of Keltria was a spin-off of ADF, and chose a purely Celtic focus in 1986. See thier magazine link below.

    Subscribe to Keltria-L

    Ar nDriaocht Fein (ADF), a 1983 spin-off of RDNA, is the largest incorporated Druid organization in America. They excel in liturgies, reports and seminary training programs.
    ADF's TWITTER page

    The Order of the White Oak, a spin-off of many organizations, with ample local development, is another group to visit. Their most well-known member is Ellen Hopman, famed author and herbalist.

    OWO's newsletter, Eolas, began Aug 2007: http://www.whiteoakdruids.org/eolas_magazine.cfm

    Want to find Reformed Druids near you?
    This website too confusing?
    Got basic questions?
    Want to start a protogrove?

    Want to join the
    "Simpler mailing list?"
    mikerdna@hotmail.com (only 5 mails/month)

    Then, write to Mike!

    If he doesn't know, he'll send to another person. Responses come within a week, or you get a free joke!

    Other Conferences Worth Visiting

    Click here to join pagan-clergy
    Click to join pagan-clergy

    Click here to join celticdruids
    Click to join celticdruids

    Click here to join AODA_Public
    Click to join AODA_Public

    "Druid" conference on yahoogroups

    I have found most of the groups on MSN Groups to be relatively inactive as conferences, but if you know of other large on-line conferences, please tell me.

    The RDNA Magazines Corner

    A Free On-line Magazine

    news Lughnasadh
    New Issue!
    July 22, 2009
    Vol. 25 No.5

    24+ Illustrated Pages of
    National News about/by Reformed Druids Printed & E-published
    8 times a year.

    Summer Lughnasadh's Issue's Highlights
    News of the Groves
    To My Love, A Poem
    Song at Sunset, A Poem
    Battle of the Three Wizards, A Story
    Druid Academy Nomination Award Committee
    Yet More Activities for Lughnasadh
    Tigers, Shamanism and Ecology, An Essay
    Where are We Going as Druids?
    Why We Are Druids
    Interview with a Druid: Rob Henderson, ADF
    Media Corner: Celtic Cosmology CD
    Media Corner: National Parks on PBS & John Muir
    Media Corner: My Neighbor Totoro
    Media Corner: Kikiís Delivery Service
    Media Corner: Life after People (History Channel)
    Book Review: To Your Scattered Bodies Go
    Book Review: The Awakeners
    News Corner: Druid Gorsedd: Lugnasadh 2009
    News Corner: Founder of Bardic Druids Honored
    Events: California Events Submitted by Stacey
    Ads: Atelier des Druids, Quebec
    Ads: Druids, a computer game
    Ads: Celtic Research and Study Group

    Back Issues 2000-2009
    Back Issues 1983-1991
    (See purplish Part 11)


    Four More Excellent Journals To Read

    Oak Leaves Journal
    by the ADF Druids
    4 times a year.

    Main ADF Website

    Henge Happenings and
    Keltrian Journals
    By Henge of Keltria
    4 times a year.

    Main Keltria Website

    Another On-line Magazine
    By those Reformed Druids of Gaia
    Feb 1, 2009;
    Volume 6 No. 2

    4 times a year. FREE

    Main OMS Website

    By Order of White Oaks
    4 times a year.

    Main Order of White Oaks Website

    The RDNA Druidic Research Corner

    6 free on-line books (3200 pages of RDNA material), neopagan research center, and links to other Druidic groups.

    old fart

    A Reformed Druid

    Main Volume = 14 files, 893pg
    Green Books Volume = 12 files, 843pg
    Magazine Volume = 21 files, 912pg

    Carleton Collection = 1 file, 130pg
    Druid Chronicles (Evolved) = 3 files, 250pg

    Various enormous, public-domain free downloads
    Three 850+ page volumes of various RDNA liturgies, epistles, meditations, history, essays, research tools, organizational notes, calendars, magazines, newsletters and other publications from the past 44 years. A few other earlier (and smaller) collections are also available now.

    About 85% of past printed RDNA materials can be found in this ARDA 2 collection (the largest printed Druidic collection in the world) in the widely-used professional Adobe ".pdf" format (a link to this free software is available on-site) for use by both PC & Mac (ready to print & bind). A MS Word format (.doc) can also be used to edit portable versions. ARDA 2 is not required reading for being a Druid, nor is it considered dogma, nor divinely inspired.

    To lessen download times, a mailed CD-ROM copy of all those 120 files (3120 ready-to-print pages) is available for $9/each, including shipping. Ask for info at mikerdna@hotmail.com

    If this is your first time ranging through the enormous collection, I recommend you first read the Un-official Welcome Pamphlet which is only 90 pages and will give you a simple solid start to work from.

    The Druid Archives Largest known historical collection of materials on the growth of the modern Druid movements in America (and elsewhere). A treasure trove of information for academics and researchers on a relatively well documented religious movement. We also gratefully accept donated materials from Druid groups! Seeking assistant researchers in Minnesota to do work.

    The 8 Part Essay on Modern Druidism With comparison of OBOD, BDO, AODA, RDNA, ADF and Keltria on history, ritual, ethics and structure.

    Mike's Recommended Books for Druidic Research is full of good links, academic essays and bibliographies established for promoting the academic study of Druidism (modern and ancient), the Celts and new American nature-based religions.

    Druidry Links 56 other groups which are more interesting than us.
    Celtic Links Go get your fix of Celticity

    Links to Sites of the World's Many Religions and a few Odd Groups
    Some Religious Humor & Wisdom that I Recommend.

    The Druidic Story-Telling Corner

    Learn about Reformed Druidism through prose and fiction from our members and a few friends.

    These 14 tales are best read online (in color) with cookies, milk and a warm pet. All are Free, except one.

    "Soul of Juliana Spring
    A Short Story"

    By Irony Sade

    The delightful 33 page story of how a young woman, desperate to become the world's greatest harper, offers to sell her soul to a quiet Druid. When her dreams come true, she finds new obstacles, old enemies, and her bargain weighs heavily on her heart.

    "The Heart
    of the Spiral:
    A Tale of
    Poetic Rebirth"

    By Brian Jeffries

    This 10 page Short Story is about a poet with an elemental taste for surfing and skydiving. Following his muse, he discovers some of the mysteries of the Druids in the environment of his surroundings through the mediums of poem and song.

    "Aengus' Sweet Duet"

    By Rita Trevalyan, a.k.a Tegwedd

    What happens when the Celtic god of love lands in twenty-first century San Francisco? He falls in love, that?’†what happens. But will the woman of his dreams return his love?

    This is a commercial production, therefore there is a $4.50 download cost via the well-known Paypal online.

    "Druidical Treasure:
    aka The Dave Fisher Code"

    By B.N. Tavern

    This 145 page novel is a parody of "National Treasure" & "The Da Vinci Code" , follows two sudents seeking for a treasure hidden by the RDNA founder at Carleton College in Minnesota. A thrilling epic of wisecracking, wintry battles, bizarre riddles, strange groups, and supernatural set-backs.

    Lavishly illustrated with photos of Carleton and 2 student actors.

    All 8 episodes of 8 have been posted 3/9/06

    "St. Ailbe's Hall"
    Part 1 & Part 2
    A wonderful short story asking if a DNA-modified dog can have a soul, and can she prove it to a church crowd?

    Books by Naomi Kritzer
    * Dead Rivers Trilogy
    * Eliana's Song
    Women fighting against magical overlords in two book series

    Stories from ADF

    "The Healing"
    By Bardd Dafydd
    A man with a dying father makes a trip to a special clinic.

    "Dancing Green
    and Naked "

    By Jenny Hunt
    A gardener prunes a rosebush and her heart.

    Stories from ADF

    "Why Willows Weep"
    By Mama Moon
    Classic tale about a riverine tree's origins.

    "The Story of Miach and His Sister"
    By Wry Welwood
    A mythic tale of pride's consequences.


    By Irony Sade

    This poignant 24 page short story is about a stranger who washes up on the beach of a remote oceanic beach and is taken in by the inhabitants; teaching them strange lessons about the kind of people searching for him, preparing them for their arrival.
    "Three Druidic Rocks"
    By Robert Larson
    3 rocks, 3 Druids, 3 outcomes.

    "The Nightingale"

    By Hans Christian Andersen

    A king makes a mechanical bird to replace the real thing, but things go differently than planned. 8pgs

    "Vision Quest"

    By Lame Deer

    A young man goes on a vision quest, but the lesson is quite unexpected. 3 pg

    "The Jungle"

    By Anjum Makki

    When the jungle is gone, new problems appear. 3 pg.

    The Bardic Corner

    Reformed Druids love to sing about Nature and freedom, and have a great sense of humor.
    Learn about Reformed Druidism while you sing.

    "Druidical Karaoke Room:
    Sing With the Bards"

    121 songs to sing along with.
    Many with musical accompaniment.
    Written by members of the RDNA to tunes you already know well.

    RDNA Books of Songs & Poetry
    Green Book Six

    160 poems and 150 songs by various Druids of the Reform in an easy to print format.

    Seventh Annual
    2007-2008 Winter
    Bardic Contest

    Begins Nov 2007

    Past Winter Bardic Contests
    Winter 2001-2002
    Winter 2002-2003
    Winter 2004-2005
    Winter 2005-2006
    Winter 2006-2007

    The Druidic Gaming Corner

    Learn about Reformed Druidism through games made by our members.

    "Druid Games" is a large file (5 MB) of seven free large-scale, intriguing board games designed by a few Reformed Druids. They are both entertaining and enlightening and are great for passing the time at large scale picnics or all-night parties with much drinking. No other group has produced a game yet, thus further emphasizing our distinguishing playful characteristics. Each has a sober option too.

    Some are very simple like Danube, Fidchell & Brandubh; based on ancient traditional board games. "Sigily" (playing much like "Sorry" "Aggrivation" or "Parchessi") also has dice-combat & self-generated trivia cards; originally based on a Korean divinatory New Year game, blended with D&D. In contrast, "Bricriu" involves intensive dicing and simple math probability gambling while increasingly inebriated and confused.

    The two spectacular games; "Hebridean" & "Brythonic", are both actually collections of dozens of Druidical games, divided into six colored-categories of physical and mental contests of skills that Druids excell at (similar to Trivial Pursuit & Cranium). Players roll a dice and move that many spaces to a color-category of their choice, and an opponent is chosen randomly to fight them. Each circle also contains a brief story and an edifying proverb that assists in training the players to win the challenging contest using everyday materials in your office. Respectively, you learn the lore of Gaelic Scotland and Brythonic Wales/Cornwall/Brittany in the course of the game, plus the hidden talents and weaknesses of your friends will be revealed.

    Print the 80 pages of rules, B&W boards, advice, charts and legends that you will need. Then print your own full color boards with the following links below. They look small but are full-sized 8 1/2" x 11" on printout.

    Board at Right: Fidchell Board
    Boards at Top: Sigily Race Board and Down the Danube Board and Bricriu's Bluff Board
    Boards at Bottom: Brythonic Brew-ha-ha Board and Hebredian Hijinks Board and and Bran Dubh Board

    An interesting new game called, "Celtic Fidchell" was masterfully invented based on cryptical references in Irish & Welsh mythology and modern game design theories. The goal is to take turns placing stones on the board, so as for the "king" to later move a line of white stones that stretches from the king to an edge of the board (sometimes by a winding road), while warding off black from blockading the king and/or capturing all the white stones.

    Rules and myths and creation story are on the game site. You can get a rough board by clicking on the right and printing on 8 1/2 x 11 paper and then probably enlarging it to 11x17 size paper. I'm hoping that he will soon produce the game as a purchasable kit.

    Daily Druidic Good Deeds

    The sponsors of these charities will donate if you just click.
    No registration, no spam, just click on a link.
    So fast and easy, why not improve the world everyday?

    hunger site

    About 1 cup
    Per Click/Per Day

    About 11 sq ft
    Per Click/Per Day
    www.theanimalrescuesite.com Helping animals in need

    About .8 cup
    Per Click/Per Day

    You may wish to support the efforts of the following groups

    Save the Redwood League
    Environmental Charities
    Red Cross Disaster Relief
    Pagan Rights Charities

    Consider giving a donation to Carleton College

    It is a breeding ground for an endangered species of Druids... :)


            Daily Druidic Devotional Wallet Cards

            Start your day on a Druidic note with this freebie. Easy as 0, 1, 2, 3!
            A MS Word .doc sheet of business-card-size lists of Druidical exercises.
            Print once, turn over, and print on same page again to double-side them.
            Print shops can laminate them if you'd like. Great for commuting.

              The Four Salutations of the Day

              Kind of like a unofficial form of "Druidic Tai-Chi" by Emmon Bodfish.
              Meditate on the sun and weather at Dawn Noon Dusk & Night.
              A 5 page MS Word .doc with background, illustrations & steps.

    Interesting Sites

    American United The Reformed Druids were founded in opposition to mandatory practice of religion, so this page's webmaster personally looks with favor upon "Americans United", which seeks to maintain the wall between church and state across the country at both National, State and Local levels. In the coming years, they will need your aid, and you theirs.

    japan job

    Work in
    Pagan Japan!


    Choose to be part of a traditional village or brave a busy city in pagan Japan, while assisting English & international exchange at a public junior or senior high school with The JET program. This is not a private "language school" (a.k.a. greedy sweat camps). Kids are cute, the work is challenging and memories are precious.

    Japanese language or teaching credentials are not necessary.

    Dec 2007 application deadline for starting in July 2008!

    About 3000 hired annually (50% from USA) from 37 countries, aged 21-39. Need a B.A. before the August start (apply in preceding Dec.) and native-like English fluency. This is a salaried gov't position, 35 hr./week (no Sat.), 3 class/day, $33,000/year tax-free, free round-trip airfare, and full healthcare plan, pre-arranged housing. You choose the location. Free on-job training and extensive support. 20 days paid vacation, 15 nat'l holidays, 10 seminar days, 9 weeks of "office" time (i.e. thumb twiddling) during school vacations. Write to me about it: mikerdna@hotmail.com I did it for 3 years, and saved $8,500 annually, with a bit of local travel. A bit cushy, but viscerally rewarding work. Contact nearest Japanese embassy's "JET desk" in your home country to discuss the matter.

    state dept Work around the world for the State Department.

    Ranked the sixth best job generally in the U.S., and 1st ranked by women. Careers in State range from secretary, engineer, courier, security, diplomat, medical fields and clerical. Also the Peace Corps.

    state dept January application for the annual April test. Click for official career website Contact mikerdna@hotmail.com to ask about how I entered and what I like about my current job.

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