Welcome to my wonderful world of Motorcycles, specifically the GL1000s.  Produced by Honda from 1975 to 1979.


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Loud Pipes Save Lives?
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Electronic cruise control.
Bicycle Computer/Speedometer.
Heated hand grips.
Stainless steel brake lines.
Thermostat bypass switch for radiator fan.
Make your own Clutch Nut Wrench.
Voltage Regulator Plans.
Brought to light in general discussion on CWC email forum
 Alternator Conversion
Another Alternator Conversion
 Sport Wing
  I am rebuilding a badly varnished set of carbs for my newly re-acquired 75 GL-1000. I had rebuild these exact carbs before I sold this bike to my brother over four years ago. The bike ran perfectly. However, since my older brother did not follow my counsel, HE LEFT THE GAS ON! I have never seen such a varnished mess in all my life!  I now have the carbs all clean from a thorough soaking in carb cleaner. I discovered that I need a vacuum piston for #1 carb, AND a mating lid for #3 carb. The #1 piston's set screw that holds the needle jet is frozen & stripped. The #3 lid's plastic piece is cracked & leaks. Is it imperative that each piston & lid be a matched set? I can get all kinds of separate pistons and separate lids. However, I hear people tell me that I HAVE to use a set that was originally mated by Honda. Others tell me that it does not make that much of a difference if they are mated or not.

  Smear some JBWeld on the top of the piston cover.  Before you buy someone elses problems...try to save the one you have.  Ive done it before and had excellent results.  As far as mating both pieces..... yes and no.   Yes..as it comes from the factory.  No in the real world.  Do this.....  with the proposed piston and cover in hand.... Clean them of ALL goo on the inside and outside.  Pay particular attention to the shaft in the middle of the piston and its corresponding hole in the cover.  Using a very thin screwdriver, a soft rag and some spray carb cleaner.... wrap the screwdriver in the rag.  Spray it with carb cleaner and reach down inside the    hole in the cover to clean out any goo that might be there.  Clean the inside surface of the cover and the outside surface of the piston.  Now.....(both the piston and the cover should be clean and DRY)  hold the cover upside down in your hand.   Gently drop the piston into the cover (with the jet needle pointing UP!).   It should smoothly glide down to the bottom.  Remove the piston and rotate it 90 degrees.  Again drop the piston down into the cover.  Repeat again turning 90 degrees and then repeat one more time.  If the piston binds at any point.... try another piston or another cover.   When you find a set that has no binds and smoothly glides..... youve got a mate. Added note:  dont get carried away with the carb cleaner when cleaning the piston cover.  Remember the plastic piece at the top?  It will get eaten by the carb cleaner!    Which is probably why it got wasted to begin with.  And be sure to use lint-free rags. Or as just be sure the rags are as clean as physically possible.
   Special thanks to Ray W. for this advice on CWC email forum.

 I don't know if you got an answer to the RLU bypass so here is an attempt. The RLU is under the left side of the "gas tank". It has two connectors plugged into it. The upper is a eight pin connector and the lower one is a four pin connector.  Unplug the two connectors and make three jumper wires about 2 or 3 inches long with female blade connectors on each end. Jumper the pins as shown below.  Inside the boxes below I've numbered and lettered the pins.  The color code for the corresponding wires are noted OUTSIDE the boxes.

Connect:  Pin 1 to 2
                Pin 7 to C
                Pin 8 to B

 Bk/Y | 1         2 | B/W
   | 3         4 | 
   | 5         6 | 
   G/Y | 7         8 | Br/B

             | A      B | B
     Y | C      D |

I hope this helps.
Special thanks to Steve W. for this tip on CWC email forum.

Is there a fuel pump rebuild kit available? If not, how about a new pump (eek!)? Where should I look for either? Niehaus, Local dealer, JCW (go easy).  Anybody done this? Seems pretty simple, but I'd appreciate any pointers.

 I did this about a year ago. check with Niehaus  (20% off)for the new pump. Mine was $115.00. the main thing to remember after you shut off the petcock is that the fuel pump arm rides on or is actuated by an eccentric..( an off centered cam or circle) you have to rotate the motor so the thin side or short side is resting on the fuel pupm arm. If not you will never get the fuel pump bolts started. Hint, remove the tach cable, and replace the seal ($1.00) while you are in the area.
Special thanks to gus f. for this tip on CWC email forum.

I have a pretty new (used) seat for my wing,  and it has a couple small cuts.  It looks like the bike it came off of went rubber-up..  The damage is really minor, but I would like to keep it from getting worse..   I would like to find some of the stuff they use to fix school bus seats,  any suggesions?

stuff called shoe goo(really) works good it`s not invisable but it is clear.i fixed a snowmobile seat wiht it 3 years ago still holding.it`s cheap and you can get it at walmart and probably any place like that works great on shoes too
Special thanks to dave c for this tip on CWC email forum

 Gates hose #21517

This hose can be cut to make the two hoses needed for a Goldwing.  One end makes one hose, the other makes the second hose, and you wind up with a short piece to throw away.
Special thanks to Ray W. for this tip on CWC email forum.

 If you will be replacing rad hoses. it is best to remove radiator to get at belts.

Fuel hose 1/4" ID about 2 - 2 1/2 feet
Special thanks to Jim M for this tip on CWC email forum.

my 76 runs smooth but idles a little rough.  tuned it up and finally hooked up a carb synch tool recently, and the guages flop around in the "timing advanced(?) or vacuum leak" range.  timing is ok.  what's the most common place(s) these bikes might have a vacuum leak?  what's the best way to find it?  spray starter fluid around potential areas?  i don't want to damage my nice paint....

Do the gages have a damper on each line? Find vaccum leaks with a propane torch, unlite of course, pass the tip around the top and base of the intake tubes. [Will affect how motor runs]
Special thanks to Mike P for this tip on CWC email forum.

 Add Hydraulic clutch to the GL1000
Add an oil dip stick to the GL1000
Special thanks to Henk Blom
  • Fill out an attendance sheet at the beginning of a ride and take emergency contact for each and every one if the riders attending.
  • Cherish every bit of what you have, you do not know when it is going away. I mean, enjoy your friend and family's presence and try to LIVE. Anything short of that may leave the door opened to regrets.
  • Train your ass into the ground but don't forget the basics. It is your responsibility to increase your control over your bike but never forget things as simple as a shoulder check.
  • Everything can go to shit in less than 2 seconds. Be humble and have some safety margins. Don't delude yourself: safety gear and your skill set are all assets but in a worst case scenario, you will die. Really.
  • Learn and take responsibility. You can either learn the harsh way or the easy way, it is your pick. Gravel, cagers, cell phone bozos etc., used as excuses, will prevent you from learning. If you can't admit your faults and errors, you are a pussy. It takes more balls to admit your shortcomings and errors than to try to ride fast without the most basic skill set.
  • Any sense of safety on a bike (or in life for that matter) is an illusion. Believing in it does not make it true.
  • Enjoy the ride, those moments belong to you.
Interesting Facts about ACCELERATION


I was happy.
My girlfriend and I had been dating for over a year, and so we decided to get married.
My parents helped us in every way, my friends encouraged me, and my girlfriend? She was a dream!
There was only one thing bothering me, very much indeed, and that one thing was her younger sister. My prospective sister-in-law was twenty years of age, wore tight miniskirts and low cut blouses. She would regularly bend down when near me and I got many a pleasant view of her underwear.
It had to be deliberate. She never did it when she was near anyone else.
One day little sister called and asked me to come over to check the wedding invitations. She was alone when I arrived. She whispered to me that soon I was to be married, and she had feelings and desires for me that she couldn't overcome and didn't really want to overcome. She told me that she wanted to make love to me just once before I got married and committed my life to her sister.
I was in total shock and couldn't say a word.
She said, "I'm going upstairs to my bedroom, and if you want to go ahead with it just come up and get me."
I was stunned. I was frozen in shock as I watched her go up the stairs. When she reached the top she pulled down her panties and threw them down the stairs at me.
I stood there for a moment, then turned and went straight to the front door.
I opened the door and stepped out of the house.
I walked straight towards my bike.
My future father-in-law was standing outside.
With tears in his eyes he hugged me and said, "We are very happy that you have passed our little test. We couldn't ask for a better man for our daughter. Welcome to the family!"
The moral of this story is...

Always keep your condoms in your saddlebags
Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl "Will you marry me?"
The girl said, "NO!"

And the guy lived happily ever after and went fishing, hunting, and rode his GoldWing a lot, and drank beer had craploads of money and farted whenever he wanted.

I raced a Harley ! ( just for fun.... )

I raced a Harley today and after some really hard riding I managed to PASS the guy. I was riding on one of those really, really twisting sections of canyon road with no straight sections to speak of and where most of the curves have warning signs that say "15 MPH".

I knew if I was going to pass one of those monsters with those big-cubic-inch motors, it would have to be a place like this where handling and rider skill are more important than horsepower alone.

I saw the guy up ahead as I exited one of the turns and knew I could catch him, but it wouldn't be easy. I concentrated on my braking and cornering. three corners later, I was on his fender. Catching him was one thing; passing him would prove to be another.

Two corners later, I pulled up next to him as we sailed down the mountain. I think he was shocked to see me next to him, as I nearly got by him before he could recover. Next corner, same thing. I'd manage to pull up next to him as we started to enter the corners but when we came out he'd get on the throttle and outpower me. His horsepower was almost too much to overcome, but this only made me more determined than ever.

My only hope was to outbrake him. I held off squeezing the lever until the last instant. I kept my nerve while he lost his. In an instant I was by him. Corner after corner, I could hear the roar of his engine as he struggled to keep up. Three more miles to go before the road straightens out and he would pass me for good.

But now I was in the lead and he would no longer hold me back. I stretched out my lead and by the time we reached the bottom of the canyon, he was more than a full corner behind. I could no longer see him in my rear-view mirror.

Once the road did straighten out, it seemed like it took miles before he passed me, but it was probably just a few hundred yards. I was no match for that kind of horsepower, but it was done. In the tightest section of road, where bravery and skill count for more than horspower and deep pockets, I had passed him. though it was not easy, I had won the race to the bottom of the canyon and I had preserved the proud tradition of another of America's best bikes.

I will always remember that moment. I don't think I've ever pedaled so hard in my life. And some of the credit must go to Schwinn, as well. They really make a great bicycle...
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