McKenna and Collin's get together. July '99

McKenna not quite sure about Collins toys.

Ok, times up. Now I want to play.

Thristy after a long swim on a hot day.

Two Pretty Ladies!

Heather, Collin, Tina, & McKenna
(Yes, Melissa cut off some of my head. LOL)

The "Kiss"

Our July 2000 Visit

McKenna and Collin eating their apple sauce.

Eating Blue's Clues applesauce

McKenna and Collin "sleeping."

Getting use to the water.

The water felt so good and cold!

Tina standing over Baylee,
and Bekah. (another internet friend)

Baylee loves the water!

Bekah, Collin, Heather holding Baylee, and McKenna

Now Tina with the kids!

Swimming at the pool.

Collin really liked Baylee's boat. LOL

Heather, Collin, & McKenna

Collin and Bekah both wanting to play with the boat.

Baylee wishing I'd get the sun out of her eyes.

Baylee loved just playing in the water.

Max (Heather's dh) and McKenna going down the water slide.

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