Special  StereoViews  of  PALESTINE
Most Palestine's stereoviews show the country as being the Holy-Land for most religions,
Stereoviews of special events  (mainly wars...) or other subjects are harder to find.

TISSUE STEREOVIEW (of BETHLEHEM) ,  FRANCE, 1850-70: B/W stereo-photo when front-lighted (left pic.) but when hold against the light (right pic.) a COLORed pic can be seen and a line of pin-holed illuminated in red.

TRAVELERS in Dromedaries,   1860 (?) , unknown photographer
What I like about that view is the look of the European travelers in thier tropical suits...It was not an easy task to travel in that era in that part of the world...

Successfully guarded the city from Napoleon's army
Unnamed  Photo by C & G.H DREW ,  BOSTON

Guns and stores captured from the Turks in Palestine. 1917?
A british  stereoview of WWI by REALISTIC Travelers
"By royal command to their majesties King George V and Queen Mary"

Jerusalem,  thronged with PILGRIMS  (date unknown)
PILGRIMS: not a rare subject yet a nice view with so many people! (all the black dots in the view)

UNCUT stereoviews

A sheet of 24 uncut stereoviews made by GRIFFITH & GRIFFITH (c1900)
those were glued to cardboard and cut to be sold as litho-sets (those were left unused possibly because of defects in the printing)

Religious views

"Life of Jesus and the Holy land scenes" as an sample of many stereo views/series, poorly printed, 1900- (low quality = low value)
Was it given to those who came to church on sundays or to those who donated money to the mission...?

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