The PHOTO-SEE outfit , 1936 , USA
Contains: box camera (left) & developing tank (right)

"The PHOTO-SEE camera and Devloping tank should not be treated as novelties" - says the manual...

Why it wasn't a big success ?
Preparing the solutions is not a very simple task- just compare it to the POLAROID cameras: where you get the camera, film (and no need for "developing solutions") ALL READY for use!!! Secondly, the box-camera quality... again, compared to the Polaroid. (Don't forget that the POLAROID came 10 years later!!

1) THE CAMERA: A simple box with the a removable back that holds the 'film' (encased in a black light-proof packet). Thus, allowing the 'film' to be removed in daylight from the camera into the develoving tank.

2) THE DEVLOPING TANK: has special holes for filling it with the developing-solutions. The 'film' is attached to the developing tank and the development-proccess is controled by the photographer.

The devolping process takes 7-8 minutes.

The back of the camera     Using the developing tank

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