Patented in 1939 and manufactured  by the SAWYER'S company (Portland, Oregon, USA).
The stereo-views are made of 7 pairs of 16 mm. pictures on a card disk (reel). The first VM packages included a viewer and 15 reels in a gift box.
USA and foreign scenes, world fairs (in the 40's), educational and military training (during the WWII) and later mainly for children: cartoons, films and so on.

VIEW-MASTER stereo reels of Palesine / Israel

'Modern Israel' - from the early 60's

Reels of Palestine and later Israel starting From 1948 (most include a booklet):
4000 Jerusalem the old city
4001 Gethsemane to calavary
4002 Street scenes in old Jerusalem
4004 Muslem temple
4006 Bethlehem, Judea
4007 Nazareth, Galilee
4008 Tel-aviv
4009 sea of Galilee
4010 Jaffa
4012 Region of Haifa
4013 Acre
4014 The Hula valley, Galilee
4015 The river Jordan
4016 The samaritans
4017 Wilderness of Judea

From the 50's, sold in sets of three:
4000, 4006, 4007

Sets of three reels (21 pic.)+booklet:Guided Picture Tour from the 60's:
C831 Jerusalem and the holy week
B224 Modern Israel
B226 Holyland, Israel and Jordan

From the 1970's - GAF - 'Talking ViewMasters' set of 3 reels+plastic record
AVB 226 The Holy Land

60 + years of VM VIEWERS

1931 - The first Tru-vue viewer.

The company published from 1931 rolls of B/W films of 3D scenes: Ameraican. around the world and specialized in the children market (having the rights for Disney company). The Tru-vue later moved from rolls of films to cardboard cards of stereo photos and maufactured a variety of viewers. In 1951 Sawyer's (ViewMaster company) purchased the Tru-vue company. Since the True-Vue had the copyrights for Disney stuff that was a very important step for the View-Master company.
As for our region:
The tru-vue company never made a film (or card) specially about Palestine, Israel or Jerusalem but they did indlude scenes of these areas in some of thier "Around the World" films:
PRE 1946
Around the World #1 - Bethlehem
Around the World #2 - Haifa and Jerusalem: Mount of Gethsemane, Mosque of Omar
Around the World #3- Bethlehem

AFTER 1946
Around the World #3 - Hotel Fast in Jerusalem and Bethlehem (the same pic as in pre 1946 #1 film)
Thanks to Tom Martin for that information and if you have more info or corrections. please email me.

LEFT to RIGHT:   1938- FIRST MODEL A , 1945- MODEL B, 1950s-MODEL C (the most common), 1986- Mickey Mouse VM viewer

VM personal STEREO CAMERA   c1952
The View-Master personal stereo camera: To create your own stereo pictures...
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