A list of the early  known photographers and publishers that worked / traveled in Palestine in the early era of photography. It is not an academic research but rather my personal "research" in stereoviews I have and some more references:
* The dates here are the known activity  (NOT LIFE) years in Palestine (or at all)

The AMERICAN STEREOSCOPIC Co.     (USA)  1895-1908
           Two publishers used that same name... I don't realy know who's who (maybe when I'll have more time for research)

BIERSTADT  Charles,        (USA)    Niagara falls  1870-1880s 
              Awards the Photographer won in 1873  (as printed on back of his card)

BONFILS  Felix                    (FRANCE)       1867-1877 
             was active from a studio in Beirut  (Lebanon)

B. K                    (FRANCE)        1860-1880 
           Stereoviews are marked with BK, Published by  J.  ANDRIEU (?) - later in that list

CAMPBELL A. S. Elizabeth, N.J.  (USA)             1893-1904
           Known for his NewYork and NJ street scenes (did he visited Palestine or just published other photos?)

CRAMB  John                       (ENGLISH)             1860

CREMER  James                  (USA)                       1860 

E   LAMY                               (FRANCE)              1860-1880s
                 His stereoviews are marked with EL, Produced fine series on France and pther countries. 
DAVIS  James M.                 (USA)           1890s-1910 
                  M. Davis worked for Kilburn as a photographer from 1880, from 1900 managed the company.

DREW C & G H                    (USA)                       1860s 
                  Photographers, publishers and dealers that worked in Boston  (not sure if visited Palestine..or just published other pic.)

FRITH Francis                      (ENGLAND)            1857-1858
              Frith's works were also published by Negretti & Zambra

GOOD Frank Mason            (ENGLAND)            1860 
                  published  "EASTERN SERIES", Also, his photos were published by many publishers in various qualities

GRAVES Carlton H.             (USA)              1880-1910 
                 published "UNIVERSAL SERIES" and "UNIVERSAL Photo Art Co."

GRIFFITH & GRIFFITH  George W.   (USA)             1896-1908 
                 Published more than 10,000 (on many subjects) views including box-sets

INGERSOLL,  T. W.                               (USA)             1880-1910s
                 Produced mainly colored-copy-lithographs  (low quality and collector's value)

JARVIS  James F.                                   (USA)             1870-1890s
                 Produced and printed until 1897 when was purchased by U&U

J.  ANDRIEU                                          (FRANCE)     1860-1880s 
                His stereoviews are marked with JA, Photographed in Europe, Near East, Egypt, Algeria and produced more than 900 titles.

KELLEY   (E. W. KELLEY)                    (USA)             1900-1910s 

KEYSTONE  VIEW  COMPANY           (USA)            1890-1930s (The firm survived until the 1960's)
                 The largest publisher in Usa. Purchased Underwood&Underwood (listed here too), H.C. White, Kilburn and other's negatives. Published views from (generaly) two periods:
- early 1890's-1900's  Palestine series (original by Keystone)
- later 1920's views (Palestine is now ruled by the British empire) and late reprints of early U&U negatives (with an updated description)
*non Palestine views were produced and used for a long period of time for commercial, scools and training.
               An early Keystone label                                                       a late Keystone label
  View of  JAFFA from the sea. Keystone (and others) used half the negative to print magic-lantern slides

KILBURN brothers                                 (USA)                 1870s-1909 
              see also Davis James in the list (who managed the Kilborn campany after 1901)

NEGRETTI & ZAMBRA                       (ENGLAND)     1850s-1860s
              early publishers of  works made by a number of photographers  (including  Frith)

RAU  William  H.                                     (USA)                 1880s-1905
             As a photographer assisted E. L. Wilson in his "SCENES IN THE ORIENT" (1880) later was published by Kelley and Universal View

           Special: with the British troops during World War I : in stereo - (in Palestine and other areas at war) - but started much earlier

STEREO TRAVEL Co.                            (USA)  1904-1908

STROHMEYER & WYMAN          NY   (USA)       1890s 
            publishers. was purchased later by Underwood&Underwood

THORNE   G.W.                              NY   (USA)        1860s 

UNDERWOOD & UNDERWOOD  (USA)   1890-1910s 
                 The largest publisher of the 1900's: producing 25,000 views a day! and many stereoscopes (viewers) too. Published very successful sets of 25, 100 or 300 views in boxes (designed like books) accompanied by a book and maps including: "Traveling in the Holy Land thru the StereoScope",  "Jerusalem thru the StereoScope" and "life of Jesus".
    The guide book & maps of U&U box-set of stereoviews

WASSON  C. L. International view Co.   (USA)    1900-1908

WHITE H.C.                                       (USA)           1900-1910s 
                 Published more than 10,000 views  (on many subjects) including box-sets

WILSON Edward  L.                                   (USA)             1880 

WOODWARD  C.W.  (USA)   1870s  (Union View Co.) 

WRIGHT  M.E.  (Excelsior Stereoscopic Tours)    ENGLAND 1890-1900s 

                 Because of the popularity of the Holy land  (and a nice profit from the "HolyLand" as a religious and exotic subject) many publishers produced stereoviews of the area. Some, of high quality and some low (lithos and colored printed stereoviews).  Many without any identification, no publisher-name, no photographer and sometimes even without any description or title...

* Stereoviews   (from my collection)
* Book:  Photographic Heritage of the Holy Land 1839-1914  *  by  Eyal   Onne   (1980)
* Book: The World of STEREOGRAPHS  *  by Willian DARRAH (1977)
* Book:  StereoViews - illustrated history & price guide   *   by  John Waldsmith (1991)
* Book:  Photography in Palestine in the 1930s-40s     *   by Rona Sela   (2001)
* WEB:  Craig's Daguerreian Registry    (Americans only)

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