Maria's Page 11 Christmas  2001-2002-2003-2006
Artificial Christmas Tree In Living Room
Christmas  Trese In Den
Daughter Tree In Bedroom
Christmas Tree Sons Sitting     Room
Keep Tose Legs Together  Giggles
Decoration On Hall Way Also ME 
Whoops One To Many (Beers)
Maria's Pussy (Two Of Them)
See Maria's Beer Bottle
CHristmas Tree In Office 
Different Pose (Same Beer Bottle ) HE! HE!
Going Out The Door He Here
Coming Down Stairs Where Am I Going ?
Smiling Had A Good Time See You Next Year
See My New Friends
Nice Warm Fire
My New Skirt And Swearter
This One Is ForYou Jim(Franz) What A FOOL Was I
Are New Tree Jim
Maria  Dec 25 2006 In Office Chatting On CUWorld
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