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Whistling Death

Fighting Wings (FW) is a series of games on the topic of World War 2 Air Combat. The first game, Over the Reich, is focused on the European Theatre of Operations in 1943-1945. Rules cover air-to-air and air-to-ground missions, and scenarios vary in scale from one-on-one aerial combat to cross-Europe strategic bombing missions. The second game, Achtung-Spitfire!, utilizes the same ruleset, but includes aircraft, scenarios and missions for the European theatre in the years 1940-1943. Both games include only aircraft of the German, American and British Air Forces for the periods covered.

The third game in the series, Whistling Death, was published late in 2003. It covers the Pacific War and features aircraft from the USN and IJN, with a handful of USAAF and JAAF planes for variety. It includes an updated rulebook with more detailed flight rules, and expanded rules covering Air-Naval actions and night-fighting. With this rules set, the player can recreate any type of aerial action, whether air-to-air, air-to-ground, or air-to-sea, by day or by night.

How to order: To order the game, go to, and click on the "Order Form" button to go to their on-line order form. Or click on "Boardgames", select the "Air Warfare" link in the updated main window, and then select "Whistling Death" to read more about the game.

Other games: If you missed out on the previous games in the series, unfortunately the first, Over the Reich, is out of print, but the second, Achtung-Spitfire!, is still available from Clash of Arms as at the time of writing. To get to the webpage for Achtung-Spitfire!, go to the Clash of Arms homepage, click on "Boardgames" in the left frame, and then "Air Warfare" on the list that is displayed.

Support: To date, only German, British, American and Japanese aircraft have been included in the published games. Limited numbers of aircraft types of other nationalities have been made available through the irregularly-produced Airpower air combat gaming magazine, and others are available online at Uncle Ted's WWII Air Combat Pages.

Other on-line resources for this game can be accessed from the Fighting Wings Support Centre.

Too many Air Combat games are never enough! Across the Atlantic, a sleek design of kerosene-scented cardboard has been developed, making its maiden flight in April 2003 to the delight and critical approval of the Air Combat gaming community. DOWNTOWN
Downtown takes you to the SAM-crossed skies of North Vietnam, and the most intense bombing campaigns the world has yet seen. The focus of this game is in the Strategy, where the correct allocation and application of assets will tip the odds of victory in your side's favor. The smallest scale unit is the Flight, and ACM is resolved in an abstract manner, but this does not mean the game is not detailed - in fact, the opposite is true, as the research has been thorough and the result is a comprehensive coverage of the Air War over North Vietnam.
GMT Games are the publishers of Downtown. To order, go to GMT Games page for the site, scroll down to the link to "Downtown" on the table, click on it to read a bit more about the game, and then click on the Order Page link to place your order.


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