Well, what about me....?

Updated: 03 Nov 05

My name is Nigel Hickman. I'm now in my 40's and my usual employment is Software Tester, as and when there are jobs available in this field! I used to have my past employers listed here, but as a contractor I change jobs fairly regularly, and as a result the list was getting far too long and unwieldy. Let's just say I have had a varied and interesting career to date!

If you were paying attention before arriving here, you know my hobbies include wargaming. I only play ASL, and JD Webster's Fighting Wings series games these days, that is when I have the time. I have played other wargames in the past, but these two give me the most enjoyment, so I've come to specialise in them.

I'm also interested in sports, I've actually played a lot of different sports in my time, from Aussie Rules Football to American Football, but not being an athlete and almost completely lacking in co-ordination, I have never really done anything except make up the numbers in any sport. My highest sporting achievement is that I used to play Division 3 District basketball, which isn't a high standard competition in spite of its title - it's basically organised social 'ball. I started out spending lots of time on the bench, but with some hard work I became reasonably competent, and even started a couple of games. I enjoyed it and kept reasonably fit anyway, which is the whole point of playing, really. My next highest achievement was playing goalkeeper in a District representative team at the State Primary School Hockey championships (that's "Field Hockey" for any North American visitors - Ice is not naturally found around these parts!), although we were soundly thumped in the games I played in. In recent times I've played in social basketball and volleyball competitions at the local recreation centres.

As for my homelife, I live in the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. I'm married, with two children and here's the evidence:

At left, this is me and my son, Rhys, who is eight months old in this photo (December 1999).

At right, this is my lovely wife, Wendy.

And a final picture of Rhys (aged four years)
with his sister, Lauren (aged four months)

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