JD Webster publishes a semi-regular newsletter, Airpower, in support of his game designs and air combat gaming generally. In this newsletter he has published a number of new Fighting Wings Aircraft Data Cards (ADCs). Some of these were pre-release versions of aircraft which became have since become part of Whistling Death, but many others have yet to be published in any module. As a result, no counters yet exist for these aircraft.

To remedy this situation, I have produced PDF files of counters for these aircraft. In addition to the planes not yet off the drawing board and published in real cardboard, I have also included counters for aircraft that have been published already, but in alternative color schemes more suitable for battle in other theatres of operation than the one they were first published in. For example, several RAF and Luftwaffe planes from Achtung-Spitfire! are presented in Desert warpaint, for use against or alongside the included Italian aircraft.

I assume that folks who download these will be able to make up their own counters without any instructions from me, but if you want some tips on getting a top-notch result, I can refer you to this page of tips on mounting your own counters on ConSimWorld.

The available aircraft in these files are as follows:

File 1: ETO and PTO
File 2: Eastern Front
File 3: Mediterranean
Download File 1: A4 Size (863 kB) Download File 2: A4 Size (473 kB) Download File 3: A4 Size (479 kB)
Download File 1: US Letter size Download File 2: US Letter size Download File 3: US Letter size
BelgiumGladiatorRussiaI-153 ItalyC.R.42
Falco I-16 M.C.200
Hurricane MiG-3 M.C.202
Battle Yak-1 Re.2002
Holland D XXI Yak-9 S.M.79
Hawk 75 (KNIL) La-5FN LuftwaffeBf109E
Buffalo (KNIL) P-39 Bf109F/G
NorwayGladiatorP-63 Bf110
France D.520 Hurricane Ju87B
MS.406 Il-2 Ju88
Hawk 75 Pe-2 Vichy FranceD.520
RAF Meteor SB-2 MS.406
Beaufighter FinlandBuffalo Hawk 75
Lancaster D.XXI RAFGladiator
Mustang IA (w/cannons) GladiatorTomahawk
Mustang III (P-51C/D) MS.406 Kittyhawk
USAAF Hawk 75 Hawk 75 Hurricane
B-25 Bf109G Hurricane IID
B-25G Blenheim I Spitfire
A-26 Blenheim IV Blenheim IV
P-47N Ju88 FAASwordfish
P-51C/D Do17Z Albacore
ChinaP-40B (AVG) LuftwaffeDo215 Fulmar
LuftwaffeHe162 Ju87G Martlet
Me110 Nightfighter Walrus
Ju88 Nightfighter


02APR06: File 1 updated to correct National Insignia of KNIL Buffalo.

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Feedback on these counters is welcome, just send me an email with suggestions or requests.