Briefing (Hypothetical): 616 Squadron and their Meteor IIIs were deployed to the continent late in the war. No aerial clashes occured with enemy jets during this short period of front-line service, the closest being a ground attack made against an Arado 234 base. However, Meteors and Me262s were stationed within striking distance of each other. On 4 May, with the ceasefire in place, but while technically still at war, Flight Lieutenant Tony Gaze - who had been with the squadron only four days - illegally flew his Meteor to a stretch of autobahn known to be a 262 base. He landed and was greeted by the officer in charge, Oberleutnant Kurt Welter, Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, credited with 50 victories and commanding 10/NJG11. With "the authority of the victor" Gaze demanded a 262 be prepared for him to fly.

This scenario is a hypothetical meeting of Gaze and Welter the previous day.

Map: Blue Sky
Aircraft: Allied:One Meteor III
Axis:One Me262

Set Up: Use the TMG to generate a set-up.

Game Length: 20 turns

Rules of Engagement:
1. Pilot Quality: Welter is a Veteran-Hero-Ace. Gaze is a Veteran-Ace.

1. Increase aircraft numbers to two per side. Generate both wingmen on the "Good" table, but treat any British result less than Regular as a Regular.

Debriefing: While the two-seater night-fighter was being readied, Welter and Gaze conversed amicably about military aviation, and Gaze even allowed Welter - still officially an enemy - to sit in the Meteor's cockpit! But, after being warned how tricky the 262 was to fly, and finally aware of how far he was sticking his neck out, he declined the opportunity and returned in his Meteor to base. Although he received another opportunity to fly the 262 after hostilities ended, Fate conspired against him. While waiting to take-off, another member of the squadron crashed a 262 on landing, blocking the runway. His flight was scrubbed and soon after all flying of ex-German aircraft was banned, so in the end Gaze never flew a Me262!

Designer's Notes: The source is Six Aces by Lex McAuley. Gaze had already acheived the rare feat of downing an Ar234 and a Me262 while flying Spitfires. Given his propensity for encountering such aircraft in Spitfires - he even saw a rare He162 in flight, but wasn't able to catch it - it is surprising that his six operational sorties in a Meteor did not also result in an encounter with an enemy jet!

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