The ASL Mailing List

What is the ASLML?

The ASLML is a group of people with a common interest in (some would say obsession with) the game of Advanced Squad Leader. For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with what a mailing list is, rather than mail individually to each other, we all send mail to a central list server instead (, which then automatically forwards our mail to all list members.

The list is world-wide. Current and former members hail from America, Canada, Australia (of course!), New Zealand, Britain, South Africa, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Austria (the one without kangaroos), France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Hong Kong, to name those that spring to mind immediately. There are more nationalities represented on the list than in the game itself!

Topics include rules questions/debates (often the same thing!), reviews of ASL products, PBeM game requests, scenarios, tournament announcements, and all manner of things related to ASL. All players, regardless of skill level and/or experience, are welcome. Lurking is also acceptable, although any ASL related post is welcome, even just to say "Hi, any ASL players live in my area" - chances are, the answer will be "Yes, when do you want a game?". If not, then you can send a post asking for a PBeM game instead!

If you want to ask a question, you may be able to save yourself time waiting for a reply by consulting the ASL FAQ, which is available on this site and which will also be posted periodically to the ASLML. To join us on the ASLML, send a mail to:

with the message body:

subscribe advanced-sl Your Name <your e-mail@yourISP>

inserting your details in the obvious places, but don't include any other text in the message. If you have more than one address (such as home and work) you should use the address you want your ASL mail sent to in the message, regardless of which one you send the subscribe message from.

You may wish to subscribe to Digest mode instead, and get one large mail approximately every day (it is based on total message size, not time, so the delay varies), rather than about forty small ones, in which case send the message body:

subscribe advanced-sl-digest Your Name <your e-mail@yourISP>

Regardless of which method you choose, you will receive a message back asking you to confirm your membership with a return mail.

See you on the list!

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